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The Imperfect daughter (+18) – Season 1 – Episode 9

The Imperfect daughter

The Imperfect daughter

She hand the book to Micheal while I talked to their tutor.

“Hello, madam. I would like to take Miss Johnson somewhere”

“No, you can’t. These kids are under my care and I don’t want to get fired”

“Trust me, madam. You won’t get fired”

She breathe, “Its because I like you a lot .. well you take her with you”

I kissed her cheeks, “Thank you so much”.

“You are welcome”,she blushed.

“Tia, we can go now”,I said and she nodded waving bye to her friends.

We walked towards my car, “Elvis, you have a day off”

“Yes sir. Have a safe trip”

“Thank you”

“And you too, Miss Johnson”

She smiled at him and i opened the passenger door her.

“Get in, princess”,I teased and she rolled her eyes and entered.

My eyes were focused on the road while she had ear piece in her ear.

She whispering .. while she nods her head to the music.

“Where are you taking me?”,she asked.

“Like i said … Somewhere special. It’s my pent house and we are going to stay there for five days”

“Did you plan this Mr Anthony..?”

“Hmm… I will say yes”

“Why?”,she asked.

“Because you drive me insane, Tia”

She laughed, “Okay”

We reached the pent house while she gasped getting out of the car and I joined her.

“What if we are trapped by some wild animals here in this forest?”,she asked looking around.

“Nothing is going to happen”

“Come on Sandro , how sure are you?”

“Because I have stayed her several times”

“With your girlfriends?”,she asked.

I grin, “Are you jealous Miss Johnson”

“I will never be jealous of you, Mr Anthony. Besides you can f–k any girl you want and I don’t give a d–n”

I moved closed to her, “Hey relax, I haven’t brought any girl here. You are my first Tia”, my thumb slowly part her botton lip, “And becareful with what you say with this gorgeous lips or else”

“Or else what?”

“Oh Tia, you won’t like to know”

“Tell me”

“One more dirty talk from this gorgeous lips of yours and and I’m going to bite your bottom lip so hard it get bruised”

Her eyes widened and there goosebumps on her skin.

I smiled at her reaction.

“Are you trying to turn me on?”

“Do you think my words turn you on?”,I asked in return.

She laughed, “This five days being with you is gonna full of challenges but if this is your game Mr Anthony, I’m ready to play”, She bite her lips and moved to the door.

I took the keys from my pocket opening the door.

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“Wow… this place is beautiful”,she placed her bag down looking around.

“I know… feel comfortable”

“Thanks… ”

“Tia, about the rules, I forgot them. Can you remind me again”

“I will be glad to. First no kissing and sex and secondly no sleeping on the same bed”

“Is that all”

“Yes… Please show me my room”

“Just move to the left, that’s your room”


She rushed to the road then later she return.


“Yes.. .”

” I have no clothes, can we go to shopping”

“No baby”,I answered.

“No and stop calling me baby. ”

“Baby suits you perfectly”

“I want to go to shopping…”

“No, you are not going anywhere. We have everything right here. I have a lot of shirts and boxers, you can wear them besides it just 5 days”

“I know what you are trying to do but I’m not falling for it”

I smirked, “We both know you won’t fall for it,Tia”

She smiled and ran to her room.

I removed my clothes and turn on the shower washing my skin.

Hmm… what have I put myself into.

I should have said but I stupidly saud yes to him.

Gosh, I like him so much.

My long time crush.

But I’m not his.

He is playboy and can break my heart anytime he wants.

I don’t even want to imagine him doing that to me.

I can’t love him.

I can only like him. I’m chubby and he won’t even be happy seeing me naked.

I moved to the mirror removing my towel.

I stared at the reflection of my naked body in the mirror.

I don’t even look attractive.

My stomach isn’t flat and my breasts, they are saggy.

Well not too saggy and they are quite big.

I turned staring at my ass, I wrinkled my nose.

They are too big. I’m too chubby.

I can’t show him this body much less have sex with him.

Besides I’m just seventeen.

No one will even love me. I hate this .

I stared at the bed seeing his shirt and boxers.

I hold the shirt inhaling his fragrance.

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I wore the shirt and stared at myself in the mirror.

“You look beautiful?”,I heard him.

“Stop doing that”,I glared at him.

“I’m sorry for scaring you but I’m really hungry and I need you to help me to cook”

“I will be there”


I saw him in the kitchen busily cutting some vegetables.

He was shirtless but was wearing a faded jeans.

I stared at his strong back and his abs.

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He is beautiful.

“I’m here…. Tell me what to do”

“Do the cutting”,he gave me the knife.

I took it from him and continued from where he started.

He stood behind me,his hands pressed against the counter trapping me.

I could feel his breathe on my neck.

“Can you…. Can you please put on a shirt”

“Does it have effect on you?”


“Then I guess there is no problem putting on a shirt”

I remain quiet concentrating on the vegetables.

I felt his finger pushing my hair from my nape and he slowly kissed my neck.


“You said no kissing .. this is just a neck peck. I will abide by your rules, Tia”

“I never knew Mr Anthony, the rich billionaire cooks”,I tried to change the subject.

“Yes I do…”

“Tell me about your family”

He chuckled, “My family. Haven’t you read my biography on the net”

“Nope”,I lied.

“Okay… My parents lived in South Africa. I have two siblings, Jace and Diamond…They are such loving family”

“That’s nice. I would like to meet them oneday”

“Sure you will only when I get a ring on your finger”.

“Sandro…”,I whined.

“I’m sorry”,he whispered.

“Thanks for releasing my parents”

“It’s nothing..”

I smiled at him and we remained quiet afterwards.

I didn’t know what to say to him and he was stealing glances at me.

“You know, do you sometimes feel like getting out of your skin but you can’t or you feel like doing something crazy”

I dropped the knife on the counter.
“I do… sometimes I feel feeling out of my skin to find the perfect skin and body which will make my parents happy. I feel like doing something crazy but I’m scared that they will still see me as one useless disgusting girl.. One stupid ulgly thing”

To my surprise, I felt his hands on both cheeks and he teeth tagged my bottom lip making me groan.

“Ouch… what was that for?”

He pulled away a bit, “I told you, I don’t want any dirty talk from you or else I will bite your bottom lip”

I felt my lip tingles from his bite and I just want to pull out my tongue and lick my lip but i couldn’t do that infront of him.

He will think I like what he did.

“You are special. So special that your parents don’t see it but i see it”

“No I’m not. I’m just some useless person.. ”

“Don’t say that. You are not useless. You are perfect okay. The best”

He hugged me kissing my temples, “They will be ashamed of ever making you feel useless. I will always be there for you Tia and I will say, ‘I’m proud of you”

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I hugged him tighter while his fingers stroked my hair, “Thank you so much”

“You are welcome”,He said.

He stared at me for a while and pushed my hair behind my ear then he raised me off my feet, making me gasp and placed me on the counter while he prepared the meal.

He looked so handsome and serious and all i could do was stare at him.

The food was ready.. and he served it in a plate then he moved in between my legs.

I smiled, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to feed you baby”,he said.

He feed me with a mussle of rice while I chewed.

“Wow… it’s taste delicious”

“Thank you”,he smiled.

I took the glass of juice next to me and he held it too.

“Sandro… ”

“Let me”

“No… I can drink it myself”,I tried to pull the glass from him.

“Sandro, come on.. stop it. It’s breakable”.

We both struggled and he finally let go of the class making the juice pour on my shirt.

I frowned and he laughed.

“I’m sorry baby”

I got down from the counter and rolled my eyes.

“Come on Tia, I’m sorry”

I didn’t mind.

I went to the room removing, my shirt.

I was really soaked up.

I rinsed myself in the shower then I saw another shirt folded neatly on my bed.

I smiled wearing them. I felt chilled air around my skin…

The wind was just blowing the curtains so hard making all unheavy objects fall.

Suddenly the lights keeps switching on and off which made me scared.

There is gonna be storm.

Suddenly the lights blurst, making me scream.

I quickly ran to Sandro’s room. He wrapped the blanket around him while he slept.

The thunder strikes while the rains falls heavily.

“Alessandro!! Wake up!!”

The thunder strikes again making me fall on him.

“What are you doing here? You should be in your room?”

“I can’t sleep there… I’m afraid of the storm, moreover the lights are off”

“It’s still doesn’t matter… You told me not to sleep with you on the same bed”

“I know I said that but this isn’t the time to be reminding me… please Sandro, I’m scared”

He chuckled pulling me in his arms, covering us with the blanket. His lips on my forehead.

“Sandro? ”

“Trust me Tia, nothing will happen”

“I know”

“I will protect you. Sleep tight, cutie”

“Sleep tight Sandro”,I whispered.

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