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The Imperfect daughter (+18) – Season 1 – Episode 19

The Imperfect daughter

The Imperfect daughter

I wiped my tears the moment my phone vibrates.

I looked at the screen and it was Sandro.

I answered.

“Sandro…”,I sobbed.

“What’s wrong Tia?”,He asked.

“They are here”.

“Did they humiliate you again?”

“No, they are accusing me of being selfish”

“Should I come over?”,he asked.

“No…I will be fine”,I said.

“Are you sure?”.

“Yes.. .I will be there in the evening”, he said and I slowly hang up.

I wiped my tears and I descended downstairs.

They were on the couch.. My mom was in tears while my dad tried to console him.

Immediately Mr and Mrs Benson saw me, they slowly knelt down.

I quickly moved close to them helping then on their feet.

“It’s okay… Have a seat”,I said softly sitting on the couch.

They were all staring at me.

“I don’t care if you apologise or not but I forgive you. Mr and Mrs Benson, your child would be realised today and… I hope your husband told you I owned your house too so I think you should start packing because the day I would step foot there, you won’t like me”

They quickly knelt down, “Please dear, we have no where to go”

I stared at them, “So what should I do? Give you more time”

They quickly nodded.

“I’m giving just 10 days to pack out of my house”

“But…”,Mr Benson wanted to say something but I cut him off.

“My decision is final. Can you please excuse me so I would have a word with my parents”

I waited till they left before i stared at them

The look on their faces showed they were ashamed.

“I remember I didn’t ask you to bring me to earth. You two brought me to earth due to sex, so why do you have to make my life hell.. . Am i not your real daughter?”.

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“You are”,my mom answered.

“Then why do you have to make my life hell.. You know there is no need for explanation. You might have your reasons. But mom, you asked me for three things remember and you even told me everyone will see me useless anyway. I can’t even fulfil them.”

She nods slowly.

I swallowed hard, ” You asked me to first build you a house. You dared me to marry the richest billionaire and told me no man would marry me because I can’t cook and lastly, you ask me to prove to you if I will be the best student after my final year.
Guess what I fulfilled all and by a few months, I will be getting married to Alessandro. Here are the keys to the ten bedroom Mansion in Miami. It’s all yours”

I placed down the keys, “And tell send my greetings to my brother”

I slowly stood up and my mom broke into tears again, “Dear…Do you forgive us”

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“Sure. I have”,I said leaving them.

In the evening, I was so dull.. it was all as if it was yesterday but i just habe yo let go of the past and fix myself.

I hope what i did was right… It’s not necessary for them to ask for forgiveness. I can’t be wicked like them … they are my parents anyway.

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I hugged my legs on the couch staring at the television.

“Baby, what have they done to you?”,Sandro hugged me.

“Nothing …”, I whispered.

“Then why are you crying? You tears are precious to me, Tia… Just stop crying. It’s hurts my heart”

I hugged him tight sniffing.

“I know I shouldn’t be crying but everything hurts, Sandro. ”

“Shh.. .Tell me what happened”

“I forgave them. And i gave Mr Benson ten days to leave the mansion”

“Tia… Are you sure you wanna do this. Sack them”

“No… it’s just a test ,Sandro. I just want them to change”

He kissed my hair… “Don’t cry baby”

“I’m not crying Sandro.”

“Okay…”,he pulled me into his lap, “What do you want to do?”

“Nothing… just hold me and let’s talk about us”

“About us? Oh I remember. Do want me to pleasure you again and rub your c–t..”

“Sandro”,I whined.

“I was so shocked when you said, Oh my, Oh my, baby.. don’t stop, please, Ahhh, don’t stop, holy Jesus!!”

I laughed, “I will never say that Sandro”

“I know love. I just want you to smile”

“Well you’ve succeeded in doing that?”

I brushed her cheeks with my fingers kissing her, “I want us to get married in a month time”

I pout, “I wished it was tomorrow Sandro”

“Hmm… so we could f–k huh?”,he pushed me on the couch moving in between my legs making me laugh.

He placed soft kisses on my neck making me giggle me more.
“Please Sandro…”,I laughed.

“Have you bathed?”, he asked.

“No… “,I whispered he gave me a grin.

“Then do I have a permission to bath my little beautiful woman”

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I smiled, “Yes Sandro”

He chuckled and carried me in a bridal while I hide my face in the crook of his neck.

We moved to the bathroom bathing together.

I was out of jail. Finally she released me.

My parents didn’t talk to me when I arrived.

All I heard was useless.. My parents called me useless for the first time and I cried my heart out.

My dad became a little aggressive as two days passed by.

Whenever I do something wrong, my mom would say, “You are so useless… your next door neighbour’s daughter is the owner of this house. She had been working all along while you were just prostituting. Useless fool… We have no where going so it’s better find somewhere .. I don’t even know why we educated you”

“Mom!!”,I shouted because I was shocked at her words…

“What? All this is happening because of you.. because of your stupidity. I have regretted ever giving birth to you..:she glared me and I slowly decided to have a walk.

My parents hates me just Tia has asked us out.

I can’t believe she was Tia Johnson… she is slim now and so sexy.. .

Her life is perfect.

I treated her like shit and she had to make me pay…

Now I’m just a useless thing to the family now…

A worthless fool.

I have to find Tia.. I have no choice.

I need to ask for forgiveness and beg her to let us stay…

At least that could make my parents happy…

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