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The Imperfect daughter (+18) – Season 1 – Episode 18

The Imperfect daughter

The Imperfect daughter

He kissed me deeply making me smile in our kiss.

He wiped his wet hair on my chest, drawing the outline of my breasts.

He was about kiss me but i pulled away.

“I need to do my homework baby”, I said.

“Baby?”,he asked surprised.

“Did I say something wrong?”,I asked.

“This the first time, I heard you calling me baby”

I smiled, “Hope you like it?”

“No… change it”

“My handsome boyfriend”

He grins, “l like it but when I get married to you, you are going to make it my handsome husband”

I chuckled, “Any name from my heart suits you perfectly Sandro”

He sat down on his office chair pulling me with him.

“Sandro….i told you, I wanted to do my homework”..

“I know… just give me ten minutes of your time”,he kissed my nape.

“What are you going to do to me?”,I asked nervously.

“I just want to give you pleasure”,He whispered biting my earlope making me gasps.

I felt his hands at the hem of my shirt…

“Sandro… I can’t “,I whispered.

“Do you trust me, Tia”

His warm breathe tingles my neck.

“Yea…”,I answered.

“I won’t hurt you”,I heard him again and he unbottoned my shirt exposing my bra.

His fingers brushed my thighs and he slowly opened them.

“Relax, I’m not going to hurt you”,he said softly.

He pulled me against him on his lap. I felt his cold lips, putting soft kisses on my back while he removed my bra.

I moaned softly.

Then he made me rest my head on his shoulder… more like resting on him.

“You are so beautiful”,he whispered and I felt his fingers rubbing both nipples…

I tried to pull away from the sensation but he pulled me close.

“Please baby, relax”

And i relax closing my eyes. I felt his warm mouth s—–g and devouring my neck.

One of his hands slowly slide down my stomach before moving into my panties.

I moan. Gosh, I don’t want his fingers there.

“Sandro… it’s feels dirty”,I said shyly.

“I like dirty”,he whispered and i felt his finger rubbed the hard nub between my p—y lips.

His other hand twist my n—-e while he continued s—–g on my neck.

This was too intense for me. I felt like pulling away but i couldn’t.

He wouldn’t let me.

“Sandro …please”,I whispered. I was so wet…

He still continued while my moans filled the room.

“Sandro… I feel like.. .. “,the words were off as I came on his fingers.

This was the best thing that ever happen to me. I was panting like an athlete who went for marathon.

He kissed my ear and he removed his fingers from panties and s—-d them in his mouth.

“Eww.. .that’s so dirty Sandro”, I said.

He chuckled shutting me up with a kiss but I tried to pull away.

I don’t want to taste myself but he made me taste myself the moment he pushed his tongue in my mouth.

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I stood up and he pulled me to his laps.

“I was expecting you to say something after a great job I did”

I rolled my eyes, “Thank you Sandro”

“Good girl”

I stood up taking the shirt from the floor. He snatched it from grip and wore it around me.

“I will wait for you in the bedroom.. Join me when you are done”

I nodded and he kissed me once more before leaving me.

I love this man.

The next morning, I quickly showered and got dressed.

Sandro was still in bed but I just wrote a note..

**Forgive me baby, I have to go…

I quickly took my everything and Elvis drove me to school.

There were cleaners around.. I just went straight to the security office.

Then he showed me the events of happened yesterday.

That’s when I saw her with her friends cutting the brakes.

You don’t know who you are messing with Perpertual Benson.

She wanted to kill me but she failed thanks to Sandro.

I walked around the school waiting for her to arrive.

I immediately called the police headquarters.

An hour passed and I saw students comimg..

The officer was beside me. I stood at the embrace of the school.

I saw Julia parked her car. Then they got out of the car.

They stood still the moment they saw me so I walked towards me.

“Good morning Perpertual…”,I said while she gave me a fake smile.

“Good morning”,she answered.

“Do you have any chocolates for me”,I said.


I smiled, “What did i ever do to you? What will you gain if you kill me”

She looked at her friends and looked back at me, “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing but as I’m speaking to you now, the police are around the school”,they turned looking around.

“I’m sure you can pretend telling them you didn’t cut the car brakes”

I left them while the police men did their job… Everyone was just in shock.

I woke up seeing the note and I felt dissapointed.

I missed her already. I wished she was here with me.

Today, I have nothing to do at the office so I decided to stay at home.

“Good morning, boss”,Elvis distracts me.

“Good morning”,I answered.

“Do you have anywhere to go this morning”


“You car are is waiting sir”,he said.

“Thanks.. . Do you know Tia’s parents house”

“Of course sir”

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“Give me 5mins because I want to go there”

I quickly changed and entered inside the car…

Finally we reached her home. The place was so quiet.

I pressed the doorbell..

The door opens and I saw a woman in her mid forties..

She smiled at me, “Alessandro Anthony, what a surprise?. What can I do for you”

“I’m here to see you Ma’am”

“Me ??..”,she smiled again.

“Yes , you “,I answered feeling a little frustrated.

“Come in”,she said and i entered… Their house was small but it was perfect.

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“Do you want some drink or water?”,she asked and i sat down comfortably.

“I’m okay ….”

“So what’s brings you here?”,she slowly sat down.

“I’m here to ask permission for your daughter’s hand in marriage”

She covered her mouth with her hands.

“But I thought you are dating, Perpertual Benson”

“No, ma’am…Its has always been Tia”

Her mom broke into tears while I felt uncomfortable.

“Ma’am, are you okay?”

“I’m fine”,she wiped her tears..

“It’s just that…. I now realised how much i have destroyed her… Where is she now?”

“She lives in Seattle”,I answered…

“Please can I have her address”,she asked sniffing.

“Yes ma’am”

I wrote down the address on a piece of paper and hand it to her.

“So ma’am…. about what..”,and sg e cut me off..

“If she makes me happy, marry her. I approve”

“Thank you so much ma’am”,I said softly.

“I will take my leave now”, I continued and she nodded.

In the evening, I was in the kitchen having my meal.

To my surprised, I felt a kiss on my cheeks.

I turned facing her and pulled her in my arms, kissing her as she made “Mmm” sound…

“I missed you”,She said softly.

“Me too…”,I whispered against her lips.

She gave me a light kiss and moved to the fridge taking some juice.

Maybe its time i tell her.

“I went to see your mother”,I said softly and she left the glass of juice on the floor.

“Are you okay?”,I asked moving close.

“Why did you go there?”,she asked glaring at me.

“I went to ask her permission to see your mother and?”

“And what Sandro..?”,She asked. This is the first time I have seen her really mad at me.

“And i gave her the address of your house”

“F–k Sandro, you’ve messed up. Who says I’m ready to see them. I’m not ready to see the people who broke me. The people they call themselves parents… they made feel useless and helpless and you have them my address..”


“Don’t Sandro….”,she glared at me moving upstairs.

What have I done. I knew she will be upset.

I walked around and then i decided to go to the room.

She was facing the window while I heard her sniffing.

“Tia.. “,I called her softly but she didn’t mind.

“I’m sorry”,she said softly, “I’m sorry I shout at you. I shouldn’t have but I’m so angry”

“I’m sorry baby…”,I hugged her from behind.

“You don’t know what happens when I see, I become weak and feel so useless”

Her body shook and I knew she was crying.

“I don’t know the reason why you gave them my address but the truth is, I can’t face them … I can never faced them”

“Shh.. .”,I turned her hugging her in my arms while she wrapped on my neck. I stroked her hair playfully.

“I know they’ve hurt you but no matter what they are still your parents…Be strong for me and face them”

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She slowly nods and I hugged her tight, “I’m sorry”,I whispered.

She pulled away and moved to the bathroom.

I heard the shower and sat on the bed waiting for her…

I just wished, I can fix her.

I can make things right. I knew she was crying in the shower.

I really regret giving her the address. If i knew this would be Tia’s reaction, I wouldn’t have.

She got out from the bathroom wrapped in a towel..

She crawled on the bed sleeping in my arms.

I held her tight.

To be honest I couldn’t sleep the whole night.

I was staring at Sandro all night..

I can’t faced them… I slowly dressed in the middle of the night and allowed Elvis to take me home.

I just slept on the bed thinking .

The next morning, I heard the door bell and decided to open the door.

Then I saw my parents and Perpertual parents too..

I stood there for a while.

Memories flowed through my head and honestly I don’t want to cry.

I opened the door wider and allowed them to come in.

They looked around like villagers…

My maid served my breakfast but I told her to serve more…

“Join me and let’s have breakfast”,I said to them and moved to the dinning room.

The meal was served. i sat down and they joined me.

I drank my juice and they were all looking at eachother.

Mr Benson whispered something into his wife’s ear and she gasped.

“So you are the one who owns my husband’s companies now?”,she glared at me.

“Yes ma’am”,I answered.

“I can’t believe you are this selfish. First it was my husband’s properties and now you arrested my daughter”

“Am i? I should arrested all of the you the moment you used belt on my skin.. The day you were all against me, that was when I should have arrested you!! All of you!! You have no shame. You come into my house to blame for your selfish reasons…. When i ran away from home, None of you cared and you call yourselves my parents…”,then I glared at Mr and Mrs Benson, “Perpertual was always my obstacle in school, what hasn’t she done to humiliate me… then she comes home and gives you false information and what did all do? You were all against me… If you are here to blame me for nothing then please just get out of my house!!!”,I said to them while they stared at me.

“What are you waiting for? Just get out!! When you know the reason why you are here then you can come to my house”

I left quickly at the dining room and went to my room slamming the door behind me.

I have never been this angry before.

I knelt on the floor crying…. I hate them for making me this way.

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