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The Housemaid Disaster – Season 1 Episode 8



David came out from his room and headed to the dinning to have breakfast.
As he sat down, he glanced at his
wristwatch and muttered something, shook his head and stood up.
Sonia saw this and edged closer.

“Sir, you are leaving, you didn’t touch your food” Sonia said gently.

“I’m running out of time. I need to be at the meeting this morning in the next fifteen minutes” He explained.

“But,sir, missing breakfast is not actually good, It is always advisable to eat breakfast in the morning no matter what. Please sir, eat your breakfast” Sonia sounded like a newly married wife.
Just then, Angela emerged and went up to her husband.

“Darling, She is right please come and eat your food. The office and meeting can wait your health is more important to me” she said as she took him by the hand like a baby and led him back to the dinning table.

Sonia watched carefully as he chew and swallowed the food. She smiled and left. David ate in a hurry and left for the meeting.

“Sonia, i hope you are doing what the baba told you to do?” Sonia’s mother asked over the phone when Sonia called to tell her how the plans has been going.

“Yes mum, for these past two days, i made sure i put the liquid into his food and i always ensured he ate them” she replied in a low voice to prevent even the walls from hearing.

“Good, don’t make any mistake o and you have to be careful and remember the baba said it will back-fire if you don’t do it well as he said” She clarified.

“I know mom, that is why i called. Today is the third day, remind me the things he said i must do today because I don’t want to make any mistake, It’s like i forgot some of the things he said i should do” Sonia explained.

“Haa omo mi (my daughter) listen very well, make sure you put it in his breakfast and dinner and then pour a little of it into his bathing water. Then apply it on your palm and rub his head with it that is all.please be careful o”She instructed.

“Alright mom i will try my best” Sonia finally said and dropped the call.

She had succeed only in putting it into his breakfast this morning. She wondered how she can rub his head with her palm.
The bathing water case can never be a problem. She prayed to get lucky but she was scared. The thought of everything back-firing was even scarier but she was determined to play this game to the end. She was beginning to reasons why she should do it. She needed money, If everything goes as planned, money would be hers.
And moreover, the thought of the revelation of paul’s death was another thing she never wanted another person to hear.

“Honey i’m hoooome” David’s voice echoed as he returned that evening from work.

Sonia’s heartbeat increased as she was set to carry out her final operations. She successfully applied it into his food and bath water. Now, the only thing left was to rub his head with her palms. She applied the liquid on her palm and stayed in a place where she knew David would pass through after bathing.

As David approached, she composed herself and started looking at the paper in her hand as if she was reading it.
As he came closer, she look at his head and said.

“Oh sir, there is a little soap on
your head” She came closer and David stopped, lowering his head for her to clean out the soap as she volunteered to. She smiled within herself as she rubbed his head with the liquid, she rubbed it all over slowly with pleasure.

“Its okay now” she said. David left.
She felt like jumping up out of excitement but controlled herself. She remembered Angela and how she took her like a junior sister.

“Oh lord, i didn’t mean to do this, I am so sorry for whatever happens next” Sonia murmured as she ran to her room with tears running down her cheeks.


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