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The Housemaid Disaster – Season 1 Episode 22



Streams of blood oozed from Ebere’s arm as she lay on her foam motionless. Sonia quicky ran up to her with heart beating so fast and fixed the gun into her hand to make it appear she shot herself,while making sure she avoided blood stains.

Sonia shook with fear on seeing the policemen on duty. She had thought they wouldn’t be out by now. It was still too early, she thought with an uncertain feeling all over her. She couldn’t put herself together that the taxi driver noticed her fidgeting. She had passed a police checkpoint the previous day with her mother with much confidence that she wouldn’t be spotted, but this morning, the feeling was different.

“Driver stop!” She finally told the taxi driver, removing her eyes from the policemen to make him believe the reason she asked him to stop was not connected to the police.

“You say make i stop?” The young man with a black-sleeveless-top asked, still moving the vehicle.

“You deaf? Stop me here!”Sonia yelled,hitting his hands.

“See me see wahala o. Sofri tell me nah.You want make we get accident?” He hissed and parked at one side of the road.
Sonia produced #200 note from her bag, gave it to him and came down from the taxi without any delay.

“Haba. wait make i give you your change na” He reminded Sonia.

“Keep the change” She replied vaguely and made her way into the bush.

“I hope say no problem sha?” He called after Ebere who was no longer in sight

“Who are you talking to,” The horrible voice of one angry looking policeman jolted him back to his driver seat.

“Na the persenger wey i carry” He replied.

“Why did you stop the person here. Is it a man or a woman” The policeman asked again.

“Na one girl o. She say make i stop am here”

“Is this the place she told you she would be stopping?”

“Noo. Where she dey go still far”

The policeman smiled and looked into the bush. He saw her running, falling and getting back up.

“Baba Toure, Sergeant Okoro, Ibrahim. Make una show!” He called on three other policemen who came to him immediately.
He gathered the three of them together and made their eyes follow his finger as he pointed to the person running into the bush.

“Go and get her here. I suspect something” He instructed and eyed the taxi driver. The three policemen dived into the bush with their guns.

“Mr man, come down from that motor. You are not going anywhere until they return with her” He told the taxi driver.

“Hia! Ololoo, wetin i do na? Wetin i do sir” The young man asked with a pleading voice. He never wanted to have anything to do with ‘Nigerian police’.

The popular saying’ i no follow na #5000′ was registered somewhere in his brain.

At hospital

“Angela my daughter. Nwa m o” Mrs uwa ran up to her daughter with tears of joy trailing down her cheeks. Her husband was still at the door.
She ran her hands across Angela’s face and body.

“Oh look at my daughter. Who did this to you? What happened to you?” She rained endless questions on Angela who couldn’t utter any word but allowed the tears that gathered in her own eyes to drop.

“i am happy you are alright” her father said, allowing a smile to cross his face for the first time in days.

“I saw hell, i was kidnapped” Angela cried.

“Kidnapped? Who kidnapped you? Did you see their face?” Her father asked.

“i saw their faces, i know them, i do, they wanted to sacrifice me to their god but my God saved me” she cried more.

“Thank God. its not my daughter they will use for sacrifice. Tell us about it” her mother urged her.

“For goodness sake, you should let her have some rest. she shouldn’t be disturbed” the doctor’s voice echoed as he entered the room.
Just then, the door barged open with full force and David ran into the room with Tony closing the door after him.

“Angelaaa” he ran up to her and kissed her forehead.

“She needs rest” The doctor referred to David who paid deaf ears to his words.
Here is Angela, the woman that gave him sleepless nights and restless days and there he stood telling him about rest.

“She would be fine. I guess you are her husband. I need to see you in my office” The doctor said to him and finally left, realising it would be impossibe to shoo him off his wife.

“Mr David. Your wife was lucky not to have sustained serious injuries from the accident and most especially, her pregnancy was not affected in any way. Its a miracle” The doctor told David with a friendly smile.
David’s eyes opened wide in amazement.

“Did you say pregnancy?” He asked, not believing his ears.

“Of course. Two months pregnant. Aren’t you aware of that?” The doctor asked surprised.

“Wow, God be praised. Thank you doctor” David couldn’t contain his joy as he shook the doctor’s hands heavily.

Adaora’s phone rang for the third time before she noticed it. She was busy running around searching for Sonia in all the places they had run to for safety earlier.
Her own house was not left out. She gathered enough courage to make it there but She was not there. Asking people if they saw her didn’t cross her mind as she quicky dashed off.

She peered at the screen of her phone and saw a certain number without name, calling.

“Hello” She spoke into the phone.

“Yes am i speaking with Sonia’s mother?” The voice from the phone asked.

“Who are you?” Adaora asked, already overcome by fear. She inserted that new line into her phone recently and Sonia was the only person who knew the number.

“Your daughter is here with us at the police station. The one at williams Division 2” The voice said and hung up.

Adaora held her forehead as she felt the sudden headache strike her. She was going to act fast. She was going to do something she never believed she would do.

Angela opened her eyes only to find David sitting close to her. Her parents were gone now, the drip on her arm already disconnected. She closed them back and thought for sometime.
When she opened them again, David’s eyes locked with her’s. There was a short moment of silence as they looked into each others eyes until Angela broke it with a slap on David’s left cheek. That was the first time she dared raise a finger on him.
David’s face was expressionless for a while.

“I deserve more than that,Angela. You can go on and slap me again if that would make you forgive me” David told her without any trace of anger in his voice.

Angela watched him produce a white handky from his pocket to dry the line of tears that betrayed his expressionless face.
Angela took her face off him, facing the opposite direction and battling the tears that had already gathered in her eyes. She didn’t know when she started sobbing and before she knew it, her face was wet all over.

“I am sorry my dear. I am sorry” David consoled her, drying her tears.

“Why did you do it? Why? Did you do it with the intention of getting a child from her because i haven’t been able to give you one?” Angela asked, amidst sobs, searching his eyes filled with sorrow.

“No. Stop talking like that. I just can’t explain what came over me. I found myself doing what i never intended doing.I….i ….”The tears in his voice didn’t allow him to carry on.

“It’s ok. Please stop. Don’t cry…i don’t want to see you cry again. It will only break my heart the more” Angela said,trying really hard to keep herself from crying. She felt his face with her hands and shook her head.
How fast his face changed for worst these few days she was away.

“I’m sorry. I promise i won’t leave you again” She drew his face close and kissed him passionately, tasting the salty fluids running down from his eyes.

“I missed you so much. I’d have killed myself if any happened to you” David made her understand before positioning himself very well to have a better taste of that sweet red succulent lips of hers; pure strawberries they sure tasted like.

“mhhmmm” Tony cleared his throat, standing right there in the hospital room, disengaging them from their passionate hold.They didn’t notice when he entered.

“I am very sorry for disturbing you” He apologised, observing their faces to know if they wore annoyance but there was no trace of such. Instead, he saw the smiles on their faces, forcing him to smile too. He went for one of the chairs.

“Angela, you haven’t told me why you attempted killing my friend. Infact, where were you hidding?” Tony gesticulated.

“She must pay for that” David added seriously. Angela smiled and hit him playfully.

Angela’s face which was lit up with smiles soon turned sad as she imagined what could have happened to her.

“I was kidnapped. What pained me most was that someone whom i trusted as a friend had a hand in it. They wanted to sacrifice me to their gods” Angela expressed bitterly.

“What?” David couldn’t believe his ears.

“By now, i should be a dead person if God hadn’t saved me. They took my clothes and made me wear one white gown saying i would be sacrificed this morning” She explained further.

“Tell me, which of your friend has a hand in it?” David demanded.

“It’s…it…it’s…Eb…Ebere” Angela stammered.

“Unbelievable!,” David shouted, “how could she?”

“Lets go after her with the police immediately” Tony suggested.

“No no. please don’t. What i ask is that you don’t let her know i am found” Angela pleaded.

“No way. We are going to find her” David objected.

“Pleeease. Leave her to me” Angela pleaded again.

Angela’s mother answered the door. She was preparing another meal for Angela.
The person she saw at the door made her take few steps backwards. It was Adaora,her half sister.

“What do you want?” She barked at her.

“I have come for something more than important. It has to do with your daughter” Adaora said, not moved by Ngozi’s harsh words.
Ngozi stared at her without another word.

Which daughter of hers could Adaora be talking about, she thought.


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