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The Housemaid Disaster – Season 1 Episode 21



She had barely stayed upto five minutes in it when she saw rays of light flashing towards that direction with heavy footsteps.

“They are here”She lamented.

The lights flashed again into Angela’s little hiding place, doubling her fears. The thought of pulling off the white gown she was wearing to reduce the chances of being easily spotted nimbled through her but she discarded it.
She tried holding her breath to prevent making even the slightest noise of breathing. As the footsteps came closer,she heard their voices.

“This was all your fault. Why were you sleeping on duty?”

“Stop talking nonsense my friend! You think say i believe that your nonsense story? Spirit my foot. Ghost seer. Just pray to your god, whether amadioha or olokun or any other one wey you dey serve because i know say you no dey go church. Just pray make we find her o Or na your head dem go take do the sacrifice”

Angela listened as their voices died down.She didn’t hear any more word from them again but she wasn’t sure if they were still around or not.
She heard the crackling of dry leaves besides her. The low silence shattering noise by the dry leaves gave her great cause for concern.
She surveyed with great great effort, arround the place with the help of the moonlight.
Then, she saw it. A great python, crawling towards her.
Angela felt herself flush slowly and heat coming in waves up her throat and cheeks. She wanted to scream but instead, she found herself covering her mouth with her palms. She wasn’t sure if the men looking for her were still around.

The python crawled faster and before she knew it, it was right in front of where she squatted.

“David!” She screamed and bursted out,hearing a gunshot and seeing flashes of light. She hid at the back of a huge tree until the lights went off. She heaved a sigh of relief, made the sign of the cross and followed another direction.


Ebere and the old ‘dibia’ arrived as planned but the place was quiet and quite unusual. One of the guards should have met them some distance away from there,to make sure they were not unwanted guests.

“Are you both sleeping? Is that how you secure this place?” The old man asked, infuriated, expecting them to both run out and beg for forgiveness but to his greatest surprise, it seemed as if he was talking to the trees of the forest.

Ebere’s eyes burged out in bewilderment when she flashed the big torch she was holding to the place where Ebere was lying the previous day and found only ropes and nothing more.

“Baba, she is gone. She is gone” Ebere disclosed, with the fear of insecurity and danger looming on her.

“What? Impossible. That can’t happen,” he dashed forward taking the ropes in his hands,
“Nooo. This cannot happen. The gods are already waiting for her blood. What do i tell them now…..”

The two guards panting heavily, ran up to them, interrupting him from speaking further.

“She has escaped. A spirit came and cut the ropes from her o”Egbe reported. Jack eyed him and nodded in agreement.

“May thunder strike the both of you.Go and look for her.If you fail to bring her here, the gods will come after you” He threatened, sending them back in search of Angela.

David’s phone rang. He was lying on the floor of his parlour with empty bottles of alcoholic drinks besides him. He lazily reached for the phone and looked at the clock hanging on the wall before answering it.
It was 6.05am.

“David Any news?” Tony his friend who was on the steering asked.

“No news my brother. No news” David replied.

“Why is your voice like that? Hope you haven’t been drinking”

“I’m fine”

“Alright. I’m driving now. I have to catch an appointment. I will come over as…………”
David could hear the sudden sound of car brakes and the faint shouts of “Jesus! Jesus!”

“Tony? Tony whats happening? Where are you?”David kept asking,looking at the phone in his hands as if he was actually referring to it.

Tony alighted from his car immediately.He prayed the person didn’t die. He rushed to the front of the car and found her there. A woman she was in a white gown, lying on the ground.

The morning came with cold wind which seemed to have made everyone stay indoor that fateful morning.
Adaora was also caught indoor on the little mat which she shared with Sonia the previous night, wondering if there was anything she could do to lift Sonia from the dilemma she found herself. She knew Sonia was in more trouble than she could imagine; if she was shown on the television, that means she must be on the newspapers as well.

Adaora smiled to herself on remembering how they got past the police checkpoint the previous day driving down here where she deemed safer. The policemen were holding Sonia’s picture. As they looked at the picture, they looked at them in the taxi.Sonia had eyed her not knowing that it has gotten to that level. Sonia’s excessive make ups and changed appearance made it impossible for the police to identify her.
Adaora was ready to do all she could to see that Sonia escaped falling into the dangerous pit that was on her way, even if it meant seeking help from where she vowed never to.

An uncomfortable feeling invaded Adaora. Her eyes never saw Sonia that morning.
She opened the wooden door of the old mud house and looked around; perhaps,Sonia may be sweeping the little compound but to her surprise, she was not there. A quick wave of fear swept through her as she ran around checking every corner of the building calling her name but not even her shadow was seen. Sonia was gone. Gone to God-knows-where.

Tony filled the air with early morning yellow dust as he sped off, with the nearest hospital on his mind. At regular intervals, his eyes went to the woman lying at the back seat. The fear in him didn’t permit him to have a good look at her. So he didn’t know it was Angela, his best friend’s wife that he knocked down.
She wasn’t moving, getting him thinking if she was still alive or dead.
His phone was ringing as he added more speed to the tyres. It was David but he was far from being in the mood to answer.

Tony pulled into the hospital, signaling to the nurses to come over immediately. They came with the stretcher and without wasting any time, pushed her in to commence treatment on her.
Tony waited behind bearing in mind that he’d missed the important business appointment that morning.

“Excuse me nurse,” Tony approached the nurse who came out from the room the victim was taken into, “how is she doing?”

“Calm down sir, we will get back to you” The nurse told him and left for another ward.
Just almost immediately she left,the doctor came out. Tony rushed to him.

“Doctor how far?” Tony asked him.

“Are you her husband?” He asked in return.

“No, I was the one who knocked her down.Is there any problem?” Tony was already worried she might be badly injured internally.

“Uhmm, for now, there isn’t much problem. We need to see her husband and that’s maybe when she regains consciousness” The doctor stressed out.

“Can i see her?” Tony asked, the hope of still catching the appointment coming back to him.

“Sure. but she shouldn’t be disturbed. I think she got into bad hands because she was so unkept and unclad except for the light white material she was wearing but the nurses saw to that. Meanwhile, they are minor papers you have to sign before leaving”

Tony opened the door and saw her lying on the bed with a big drip connected to her arm. He came close to observe her properly before leaving for the appointment making up his mind to come and check on her as soon as possible. He had given one of the nurses some money to get her some food when she gets up.

As Tony beheld her face,he felt a high sense of familarity. Getting even closer, he almost stumbled, realising it was Angela, David’s missing wife.

“Angela” he called her name softly, running his head over her forehead, feeling so sorry for her.
Angela opened her eyes and found Tony sitting close to her.

“Tony” She called weakly and noticed him shock greatly, bringing him back from his thoughts.

“Angela, are you alright” He seemed relaxed and better, knowing she was getting better.

“I feel very weak and hungry. Does david know i’m here?” She asked again.

“No. i was about calling him” He replied, dipping hand into his pocket to get his phone.

“No. don’t call him yet, please” Angela pleaded.

“Why? Your husband is dying. Your absence is killing him. He needs to see you”

“I know but please don’t call him yet”She pleaded again.

Tony alighted from the car and got into the house. David was dressed and seemed ready to leave. Tony looked around the parlour and saw empty bottles on the centre table in the parlour and eyed David.

“What happened? Why weren’t you picking my calls?” David asked him.

“There was a problem. I knocked someone down. Are you going out?” Tony tried averting the question.

“I know you are a rough driver. Did you kill the person?” David asked,smiling at him.

“God forbid. She is getting better” Tony smiled too.

“I’m about going to the police station to know if they have any news for me. From there to my inlaws and from there to the streets if no good news. I can’t stop searching for Angela” David told him.

“Its still too early David. Don’t worry, your wife will return to you. Relax your mind. God is in control” Tony advised him.

Ebere was packing some clothes into some travelling bags, with fear all over her. The fear of Angela coming for her with the police and the fear of the gods coming for her. The old dibia had told her to make sure she produced Angela for the sacrifice because he already promised the gods her blood or else the gods would come after her(Ebere).

The door swung open, leaving Ebere perplexed because she thought she bolted it. Sonia removed the glasses from her eyes and stared at Ebere murderously pointing a short black gun at her.

“No Sonia please. Don’t do it please, i am begging you” Ebere pleaded, shedding tears with her kneels on the ground.

“You are heartless. You don’t deserve to live. Couldn’t you at least have had mercy on me? What would my going to prison profit you? Souls like you deserve to rot in hell” Sonia told her with tears rolling down her own cheeks.

“I can make up for everything. Please bring down the gun” Ebere pleaded.

“Its too late, very late. I have killed before. Yes i killed paul and regretted it but i will never regret killing you. Go to hell while i go to prison. Goodbye” Sonia whispered to Ebere before sending her down with a killing shot.


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