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The Housemaid Disaster – Season 1 Episode 19



“Mom, i’m in trouble. The police wants me.They want me..” Sonia wailed between throaty sobs.

“Haven’t she had enough? Must she do this?”Adaora kept asking. One could easily conclude she was asking the broadcaster on the t.v

“Mom, what do we do now? I do want the police to catch me. People have seen the announcement already. What do i do?” Sonia asked in despair as if the police were already on their way to get her.
Adaora held Sonia’s face and made her look into her eyes.

“Listen to me. Don’t be afraid. You are not going to prison. That is a promise i’m making to you. Even if it means me going against my will, I will do it. You have suffered enough under me. I don’t think i deserve to be called your mother” Adaora told her, nodding gently, fully prepared to do whatever might be of help to Sonia. Even if it meant revealing her secrets which she knew won’t sound good to anybody.

Sonia looked at herself in the mirror,standing infront of it. The brown weavon Adaora fixed on her really disguised her.She looked totally different.

“We are leaving this place immediately to a more secure environment” Adaora said.
It was getting dark. The sun was no longer up in the sky. Pehars, it has gone to give other people somewhere its light. ________________________

David was kneeling in the church. He had been there for hours. He was tired, worn-out, weak and hungry but there was no piece of appetite in him. The absence of Angela was making him abnormal. He abandoned his work which was a great risk. He had searched every searchable place for her. No good news seem to have entered his ears from the police.

“We are trying our best” That was all they kept saying.

He made no sound kneeling there in the church all alone but he was crying and praying to God to bring back his wife.

Angela could hear the sounds of nocturnal insects and animals.The two guards were there as usual,making sure the place was guarded. She had begged them to have mercy on her, telling them she would give them whatever they wanted if they let her go but not even a single word war heard from them, which left her wondering if they were still there, as she was blindfolded.
She soon felt a hand around the back of her head and shook her head in retaliation, hitting the hand with her head.

“Don’t let me smack your head” She heard the angry voice of one of the guards, who brought his hands back to untie the cloth tied around her eyes.
Some drop of tears fell from Angela’s eyes as the blindfold was removed. The ropes on his hands and legs were also untied.
She lifted up her face and present were the old ‘dibia’ and Ebere with the two guards.

“The gods are ready to accept your blood and the sacrifice must be made before dawn tomorrow. So, we have come to prepare you for the sacrifice” He said, dipped hand into his animal skin bag and brought out a white chalk which he circled round her eyes. Angela wanted to say something to Ebere but she was too weak to do so.
After circling her eyes to his satifaction, he brought out a white gown and gave it to Ebere.

“Take off all her clothes and make her wear that white, not even her inner wears should be on. That is what the gods demanded. If she refuses to let you do it,then the guards will have to do it with all pleasure” He instructed, making some incantations.

Ebere looked at the white gown in her hand and looked at Angela. From, Angela to the two guards and back to the white gown in his hand.

“Look away, you two” She told the guards who obeyed and turned away their faces.
She dropped the gown on the ground and removed Angela’s top and her brassiers. She pulled off her skirts and her innerwears and then, rolled the gown on her. Angela expressed no fear while she did all that. She uttered no word to them.

“Make sure you forgive Sonia in your heart before you die because i made her do what she did. She killed somebody and i caught her. I have a very good proof and so, i told her about it and told her what she must do for me so that i do not expose her. And she did it. Yes, i personally brought her to you because i wanted to use her to have my revenge on you” Ebere whispered into her ear leaving her more suprised than she was.

“We are coming back by the early hours of the morning for the sacrifice”, the ‘dibia’ said and turned to the guards “make sure she doesn’t escape. If she does, you will be used for the sacrifice”

The guards tied her hands and legs again but this time, by the order of the ‘dibia’ which he claimed came from the gods, her eyes were spared.
Angela could see Ebere smiling as she followed the old ‘dibia’ out of the place.
Angela looked at the guards, there weren’t the type that hears or understands words as please, have mercy or i beg.
She looked up to heaven, allowing the stream of tears to run down her cheeks.
She remembered her parents and David.

“If i die, oh lord, take care of my husband.Give him the strength to move on”
She laid down softly, praying dawn never comes.


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