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The Housemaid Disaster – Season 1 Episode 16



Angela took some steps backwards with her eyes focused on the red liquid dripping from Sonia. She knew what it signified. She needed no one to tell her that what it meant.

With a quick reflex, she turned and saw David standing some distance away. She stared at her, hatred and anger filled her eyes with questions flashing through her mind. How dare him? How dare him do this to her? How could he impregnate their maid? Could it be because she has not been able to conceive and give him a child?

Tears gathered in those eyes of hers, red with anger but she fought hard to send the tears back to where they came from.

“Are you people going to leave her here? Do you people want her to die?” Sonia’s mother spoke out. Ebere was right. Sonia was pregnant.

Angela was sure she didn’t quite hear her right but she heard her say something. Her head was spinning. She was beginning to feel dizzy. It was then it dawned on her that she actually brought another wife for her husband in the name of a maid. She felt everything turning around and before she knew it, she slumped to the ground.

David rushed over to her at once while Sonia’s mother was supporting her daughter to her feet. They must get to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
David never knew she was pregnant. She never told him about it.

A car pulled into the compound. Mr and mrs Uwa; Angela’s parents got down impatiently, seeing their daughter on the ground and a woman they never wished they would see again; Sonia’s mother;Ngozi’s half sister who was always at logger heads with her(Angela’s mother)

“How can father give you most of all he has and left me with little? Am i not his daughter too? You poisoned his mind against me. We shall see” Those were the words Mrs.Ngozi uwa got from her when their father’s will was read out, and ever since then, different kinds of problems unleashed themselves on herself and her husband until they seemed to have ceased.

Armed robbers visited them regularly confiscating almost everything they had.
Mrs Ngozi uwa was nearly forced to concluded that her half sister, Adaora, whose husband died in a motor accident with their two kids was behind the disappearance of her child.

Could she be the mother of Sonia? How come? Confusion and curiousity manifested themselves on her, but who was she going to ask those questions.
Her half sister had gave a wicked prolonged hiss on seeing her. It was her husband who signaled to her not to make any move or say anything to her.

“What is happening here” Mr uwa asked,rushing to feel her daughter.

“David what happened?” Mrs uwa asked with her heart beating fast. She feared something bad might have happened to her daughter.

“She fainted!”David reported.

“Isnt that Sonia your maid? What happened to her?” She asked again pointing at them moving out of the compound. Adaora was seriously making sure they left quicky.

“What is wrong with you young man? Can’t you talk again? We can take them both to the hospital” Mr uwa rushed and reversed his car. David played down his question. They got Angela into the car and in no time, they were out of the compound. Adaora and Sonia were nowhere to be found.

Angela woke up to see her mother by her side. She glanced around. She was at home.
The doctor said she only fainted and nothing more.

Mr.uwa had tried hearing from David what actually happened but he never answered his questions the way he wanted him to, so he waited on Angela.

Angela’s mother too was not left out it thoughts. What could have happened to her precious daughter?

“Are you feeling better now?”She asked, watching her daughter closely. She looked weak.
Angela nodded and said she wanted to ease herself.

“Where is she?”David who came in few minutes later asked.

“She went to ease herself” Mrs uwa replied eyeing him suspiciously. David left.

“I cant find her,” David reported, emerging from the door that led to the backyard,” I have searched every nook and cranny of this house”

“Is she up already?”Mr uwa asked as he entered the room. Seeing the troubled look on the two faces there, the look on his face changed too.

“Angela is missing” David announced,reached for his car keys and hurried out, leaving his inlaws there like undecided ghosts.


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