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The Housemaid Disaster – Season 1 Episode 10



He swallowed hard and made for the door as the whole incident kept replaying in his head. He headed towards her room, though he didn’t know what he was going there to do but he felt like beholding her face physically, perhaps, it could help cure this new sickness of his.

He walked lazily until he arrived at her door. He reasoned within himself that it would be a disturbance if he called her name at that time of the night without any solid reason. He tried opening the door quietly to just steal a look at her and then go back in peace but it was locked. He rested against the door and muttered something under his breath.

He finally made up his mind to knock. He knocked gently the first time, no answer. When he tried again, he heard Sonia’s calm voice from within demanding to know whom it was.

“I’m the one”David’s voice was weak.
Sonia jumped down from the bed and adjusted her pyjamas. Her eyes went up to the clock hanging on the wall, It was 10:50pm. Soon, Ebere’s voice was heard on the phone.

“What is it? Two days 48 hours left. The clock is ticking…….”

Sonia started coughing for the fear of David hearing a single thing until it was muted. She took the phone and made for the door. She opened the door and found David standing there helplessly.

“Sir, i hope there is no problem?” Sonia asked with a smile.
David scratched his head as his eyes ravaged her body. Her pyjamas were quite revealing.

He shook his head.”Its just that i can’t sleep”

Sonia already understood what was going on. She needed no soothsayer to tell her that her charms were at work. Hence, the way he was acting gave her morale a boost.

A mischievous smile played on her lips as she gave out a little yawn, covering her mouth.

“Should i come and keep your company? Hope you don’t mind” Sonia asked almost in a whisper.
David saw himself smile as he nodded in approval. Sonia held his right hand with both palms and off they went with smiles on their faces.

David got into the bed and exhaled deeply while Sonia stood there moping at him. She remembered the very same way Paul was moping at her from one corner of the room when she woke up on his bed. She closed her eyes as the memories flashed in.

She knew it wasn’t just company she was going to keep David that very night. She knew for sure that something more than that must follow.

“Killing Paul is what i shouldn’t have done and visiting him in the first place, a mistake i would never forget” She thought.

“Come on don’t be scared” David urged her as she climbed slowly into the bed, dropping her phone in a comfortable position.

She was ready to accept whatever happens after tonight. She soon forgot about Ebere whom she knew was listening. She knew the call would soon get terminated when her airtime gets exhausted and she wasn’t ready to pick her call, should she call back because she carefully activated the silent profile before dialling her line.

David’s phone rang, It was the second time the phone was ringing but he was too busy to answer it. He was busy with Sonia as they moaned in pleasure on the soft foam. They were far away on another planet. On another world of bliss, pleasure and happiness.

When Angela dialled his phone the third time and he didn’t answer. She smiled and murmured some prayer for him and blew a kiss into the phone.

“Sleep well, darling”


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