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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 8

Stacey had never been one for
making small talk.
That one fact showed profusely
throughout dinner with her ‘date’
and his family. There was Scottie’s
mother and younger sister along
with his older brother and his wife
who had two small kids around
four years old.
The diner was small and quaint
with colourful tiles walls and red
booth with padded seating. Stacey
had felt awkward when walking
into the diner but as Scottie put a
hand on her back and brought her
towards the table where a large
family was seated, she felt a little bit
more at ease.
They had ordered milkshakes all
round and apparently this was
something they did – a family ritual
of sorts.
It was then that Stacey had to force
a smile on her face. Her own family
didn’t even want her around them
anymore. They had no family rituals.
No movie night on Tuesday, eat out
night every other week or a day
where she sat with her parents in
the same room for more than
twenty minutes.
Someone was always busy now
and although Stacey wanted to
force all the blame onto her parents
– she knew that her ‘slutty’ outlook
on life was the reason that they
were becoming distant.
But then again…what was the
Sure, a parent didn’t want to hear
that their kid had been sleeping
around all over the place, but there
were other ways to handle it rather
than just throw Stacey away as if
she had never existed.
Was it really that bad to be a ‘s–t’?
Stacey had sex.
That was all she did and it wasn’t
like the guys didn’t know what they
were getting into. They were just
as guilty as her. She had brought
herself into this way of life for Axel.
The idea that you had sex and then
left before morning was a usual
routine now.
And it was all because of Axel; the
boy who didn’t realize what he had
right in front of him.
“So you know Scottie from school,
right?” Scottie’s mom asked from
where she was sat directly across
from Stacey.
Stacey glanced out of the corner of
her eye but saw Scottie talking with
the rest of his family and realized
that she didn’t have him to try and
save her. She turned back to his
mom and smiled.
“Yeah.” She said, taking a sip of the
strawberry milkshake that came in
a huge metal cup with a large
straw poking out of it.
“That’s nice.” His mom smiled and
Stacey gave her own one back.
Why had she even agreed to this?
Why had she agreed to go out and
meet with the parents of a boy she
didn’t know? Of a boy that she
thought she would be having sex
with tonight to then run before the
sun came up?

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