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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 7

Hanging from the handles on
Stacey’s closet were two outfits.
One was a short, grey pencil skirt
paired with a baggy black cropped
sweater which hung off her
shoulder gently. The other was a
bright red mini skirt with a tight
tank top to tuck inside.
Stacey bit her lip and sighed,
glancing over at the clock on her
beside table.
It was already quarter to five and
although her hair and makeup was
completely done – she didn’t want
to be late.
None of the guys liked it when she
was late.
Stacey stepped forward and
released her lip from her teeth and
grabbed the outfit to her left.
Walking down the stairs was
proving to be painfully difficult in
the short skirt and high heels. The
skirt was flapping up and revealing
nearly everything and the heels
were seconds away from making
her topple over.
But it didn’t matter anyway.
She wouldn’t be wearing them for
long during her ‘date’.
She got to the end of the stairs and
grabbed her purse, walking into
the sitting. She leaned against the
door frame and sighed as the
completely silent house greeted
Stacey’s parents had gone to a
work-do for her Dad’s job. They
had told her it was only for adults
and that it was just to celebrate the
But Stacey has found the invite
tucked away one day and saw the
clear letters that stated that it was a
party in honour of her father’s
promotion she knew nothing
And it was clear that kids could
come too.
She had just shrugged it off
though. Her parents didn’t want
her to be there and that was fine.
The hurt didn’t last that long
The doorbell rang and Stacey took a
deep breath, ridding her mind of
useless thoughts and walked out of
the sitting room, grabbing the
spare key as she went. She opened
the door and Scottie was stood
there – curly blonde hair adorned
with a baby blue button down shirt
and dark jeans.
She smiled slightly and he smiled
“You look great.” He said as he eyes
trailed down her body and she saw
him gulp a little.
“You don’t look too bad yourself.”
Stacey smirked. “So, yours or
“Actually, neither.” Scottie laughed.
“We’re going to a diner.”
“A diner?” Stacey frowned.
Scottie laughed nervously. “I
needed a date for this family dinner
thing I have.”
Stacey’s eyes nearly buldged out of
her head.
“Family?” She breathed out and
Scottie winced, rubbing the back of
his head.
“Yeah I’m sorry.” He said. “It was
short notice and they’ve been
bugging me for ages to bring a girl
Was she suddenly an escort now?
“So…you want me to meet your
parents?” Stacey cringed. “Now?”
“If you don’t mind.” Scottie bit his
lip and Stacey sighed, looking at the
ground before slowly staring back
up at the blonde haired boy.
“Fine.” She said. “But…just give me a
minute, okay?”
Scottie nodded and Stacey opened
the door a bit wider. “You can
come in, I’ll be back in a sec.”
Stacey ran upstairs, her skirt
swishing up and her heels making
her nearly go face-first onto the
ground. She got to her room and
walked straight in, shutting her
door behind her.
Stacey had never met the ‘parents’
before and it may not be in a
relationship context but she was
nervous all the same.
She leaned against the door and
looked over at her wardrobe door,
staring at the outfit hanging from
the handle. She sighed and pushed
herself off from the door, heading
towards her closest and picking up
the smarter looking outfit.

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