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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 6

Seeing something you want but
could never have was a similar pain
to being stabbed constantly in the
You wanted to cry and tears welled
up in your eyes but none
fell…because no one wanted to look
weak. And Stacey didn’t want to
look weak in front of Axel.
It was almost humorous from time
to time as Stacey glanced over in
science and could see Axel’s hand
on Scarlett’s thigh; that she was
jealous of someone she thought
was lower than her.
Someone she had never thought
would be classed as competition.
But there she was – the school’s
nerd – laughing as she flaunted Axel
around like a puppy on a leash.
And it killed Stacey.
Stacey looked up as she grabbed
her stuff from her locker to see a
blonde haired boy who she
remembered was on the football
team and hung out with Axel from
time to time.
“Hey.” Stacey replied.
“So…” He said. “I was wondering if
you wanted to…go out Saturday?”
The day that she was meant to be
with Axel…but he didn’t want her
around anymore.
He had Scarlett to warm up his bed.
Stacey looked back up at the guy.
“What’s your name?”
“Scottie.” He said and Stacey smiled
He just wanted to have sex.
Stacey nodded tersely and closed
her locker.
“Okay Scottie.” She said. “Saturday.”
“Five okay?” He asked and Stacey
That was earlier than when most
guys came over.
“Yeah.” Stacey said. “Five’s fine.”
“Okay.” Scottie smiled. “Text me
your address.”
The bell rang and Stacey frowned in
confusion. “I don’t have your
“Yeah you do.” He said, beginning
to walk down the hallway. “I gave it
to you last year.”
Scottie walked out of sight and
Stacey took her phone out, flicking
through her contacts.
Latino hottie.
Chem class guy.
Biology babe.
Hot blonde jock.

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