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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 5

Stacey Williams had finally
realized that she was trying to
make Axel Teller jealous.
It had been weeks since she
had taken up the offer one of his
friends gave her and there had
been many more offers since.
And she accepted each one.
She came home late, worried
her parents and her grades began
to decline.
When she got dressed in the
morning, she looked in the mirror
and she felt slutty. She didn’t dress
to be pretty anymore. She doubled
up on makeup – building up the
foundation and coating on the
She bought push-up bras and
shirts that showed cleavage.
Stacey Williams was not the girl
she used to be.
But her love for Axel Teller was
still there.
She flirted and coaxed her way
around men…but every Wednesday
and Saturday night she would be at
Axel’s door and into his arms. She
knew she was delusional.
Completely and utterly
But people say that you do
crazy things for love…that you will
do anything for love.
And Stacey would.
That was how painful it was.
Stacey walked into school, her
shorts clutching the skin at the very
top of her thighs as she walked up
the stairs. She felt a hand slap her
butt and she gulped down the bile
in her throat and instead smiled at
the guy who walked off with a
She got to her locker where
Kim and half the cheerleading
squad were stood.
“Oh my god, Stacey, I’m so
sorry!” One of them whined with a
“What?” Stacey frowned.
“You haven’t heard?” Another
one snapped her gum and Stacey
shook her head. “Axel’s f—–g the
“What nerd?” Stacey heard
herself say over the loud beat of
her heart.
“Scarlett.” She said. “The one in
History who answers every f—–g
Stacey looked away, opening
her locker quietly. She glanced over
at Kim who gave her a sad smile.
Kim understood her. Everyone
knew that Stacey was sex buddies
with Axel. That they were friends
with benefits.
But Kim knew how much
Stacey loved him.
‘You okay?’ Kim mouthed to
Stacey shook her head and
grabbed her books for first period.
She shut her locker and
sighed, grabbing Kim’s arm and
pushing past the rest of the girls.
They walked down the hallways
when they heard a commotion
round the corner.
They stepped round the corner
and saw a few people laughing and
cheering two people on.
Stacey watched with a glare as
Axel wrapped his arm around the
nerd, Scarlett’s shoulder, and kissed
her. Passionately. Lovingly.
Nothing like how he kissed
Stacey shook with anger and
stormed forward as they pulled
away from each other. They noticed
her as she walked near them.
“B—h.” Stacey muttered to
Scarlett and shoved her shoulder
with her own making the girl fall to
the ground and gasp in pain.
“The f–k was that for?” Axel
called out, wrapping his arms
protectively around Scarlett.
Stacey sneered at them and
continued to walk down the
hallway towards the washrooms.
“Get the hell out!” She yelled to
the girls in there and they ran out
Stacey placed her hands on the
edge of the skin and breathed,
shaking in pure anger.
She heard the door and looked
over to see Kim walking in.
“That f—–g bastard.” Stacey
hissed. “I gave my virginity to that
d–k. God, I’m so angry! I could
always do better than him but I
stayed with the a—–e. Always!
Every Wednesday and Saturday, I
was wasting my time with him!”
Kim stopped beside Stacey and
placed a hand on her back.
“I’m so angry!” Stacey yelled. “I
don’t even care anymore!”
There was a silence for a
moment – an eerie and unnerving
“If you’re so angry,” Kim said
quietly, “then why do you look like
you want to cry?”

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