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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 4

Stacey was heading towards Kim’s
car at the end of the day when
someone stopped her.
“Stacey!” Axel yelled as he ran over,
adorned in his football uniform.
They had been ‘friends with
benefits’ for a few weeks and the
whole school seemed to know
about it. Stacey didn’t quite know
whether to be happy about that or
Axel stopped in front of her,
breathing heavily.
“Can you come over tonight?” He
asked and she frowned.
“But it’s-”
“Yeah Tuesday, I know.” He said.
“That doesn’t matter. You gonna
come round?”
Stacey didn’t really know what to
do. They had only ever ‘done it’ on
Wednesdays and Saturdays. It was
routine. It was safe.
“Why?” Stacey asked and Axel
“Does it really matter?”
Stacey bit her lip. Everyone was
looking at them. They couldn’t hear
the conversation but they knew
what was going to happen. Axel
and Stacey were sex buddies…and
if she suddenly said no.
What would they do? How would
they react?
She shouldn’t care. She shouldn’t
be bothered by other people’s
thoughts. But Stacey was the glue
of the cheerleading squad, she was
the girl everyone was looking up to.
She was Axel’s f–k buddy.
And if she let everyone down…then
what was the point of her even
being there.
“Okay.” Stacey said quietly.
Axel breathed out in relief and
nodded as a few of his friends
came over.
“Hey Ax!” One of them called out as
they reached him, placing a hand
on his shoulder and looking over at
“So this is the girl you’ve been
Stacey suddenly felt sick.
They hadn’t asked if she was his
girl or if they were together. They
had asked is she was the girl he
had been s——g.
That was all Axel said.
“She’s hot.” One of them said.
“Bet she’d be a great f–k.”
“You gonna share her, Ax?”
The last comment made Stacey look
up at Axel so quickly that she nearly
got whiplash. He didn’t say
anything for a moment and looked
at Stacey, raising an eyebrow at her
when he saw her shocked face.
“How about it?” One of Axel’s
friends said. “You wanna go for a
ride with me too?”
“No…” Stacey mumbled quietly.
“Why not?” He scoffed. “You dress
like a s–t so why the hell are you
trying to act like you’re not?”
That made Stacey look down at her
outfit – a dark blue mini skit with a
sleeveless shirt tucked into it.
She hadn’t felt like a s–t when she
had picked it out. She thought she
looked pretty. A few days ago
Stacey went shopping and bought
lots of clothes for the summer that
she thought would be cute and
She thought they might catch Axel’s
eye more and he would spend
more time with her.
But now she felt stupid.
She felt naked in her clothes.
“So what do you say, baby?” One of
the guys smirked. “You wanna
spend the night with me instead of
Stacey looked over to the boy she
loved and noticed how he just
stood there, flicking through the
messages on his phone. She slowly
pulled her eyes away from him and
felt completely hurt.
He wasn’t even doing anything to
stop them.
Didn’t boyfriends stick up for their
But then again…Stacey was his f–k
buddy….not his girlfriend.
Everyone was looking and everyone
was watching. And that only
spurred Stacey on more. She
couldn’t look like a fool…like an
Stacey looked up at the guy who
was leering down at her, a pathetic
smirk on his face and she smiled
“Sure.” She murmured and put a
hand to his chest.
But no matter how much she told
herself that the boy in front of her
was the pathetic one…she had
never felt more worthless or
pathetic in all her life.

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