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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 35 [Completed]

Thirty five.
It had been a few weeks since Kim’s funeral.
Things had begun to quieten down and Stacey and
Scottie’s friendship had bloomed and grown rapidly.
They became each other’s missing pieces in a way.
The outlet they both had to get away from their
harsh reality.
Stacey leaned against her locker, waiting for Scottie.
He came round the corner and smiled, stopping
beside her and leaning his shoulder on the locker
beside hers.
“You want to come round to mine later?” He asked
and Stacey nodded.
“Yeah.” She said. “I get to pick the movie though.”
Scottie rolled his eyes but nodded in agreement. His
eyes flickered down to her lips and he gulped,
looking away. Stacey caught the look and took a
deep breath, feeling sheepish all of a sudden.
She reached up and tapped his shoulder with an
awkward wince, making him look up. Stacey slowly
leaned forward and ever so slightly her lips pressed
against his. Scottie was shocked at first but then
slowly kissed her back, his hand on her waist.
They pulled away gently and Scottie kissed her
“I think you might be the best thing that ever
happened to me.” Scottie said. “As cheesy as that
Stacey laughed and for once – she finally sounded
carefree and happy. The last few months had struck
her down hard…but now she felt like she was at
peace. Like she had found her happy medium.
She pecked Scottie’s lips again, liking the feel and put
her hands on his shoulders.
She saw someone in the corner of her eye and
looked over. Axel was stood at the end of the
hallway, arm around Scarlett as she talked to him.
Axel looked at Stacey and then glanced to Scottie
before looking back into her eyes.
He gave her a small smile and Stacey bit back any
negativity and any bitterness she once had and finally
gave Axel a genuine smile back.
She wasn’t the girl he left behind.
Stacey Williams was the girl who finally left him
The End.
OMG. OKAY. Thank you so much to all of you! I
love you all and you have made this story an
amazing experience! Thank you and I hope to
see you all again soon 😀

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