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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 34

Scottie and Stacey sat on the hood of his car in the
McDonald’s parking lot, licking ice-cream off the
spoons from their Mcflurry’s.
“So what now?” Scottie asked.
It had been a day since the funeral and for some
reason, Stacey felt like a weight had been lifted off her
shoulders. The hardest was over and her best friend
was somewhere where she was happier.
Somewhere she wanted to be.
“I don’t know.” Stacey shrugged. “Try to decide
which parent to live with, I guess.”
“Which one would you pick?” Scottie asked.
“My dad.” Stacey said. “Because I know that if it was
the other way around and my dad had cheated on
my mom…then my mom would have hit him twice
as hard.”
Scottie was silent for a moment, staring at her before
nodding slowly. “We’re nearly graduating soon.”
“Yeah.” Stacey smiled slightly. “It’ll be nice to
just…get away.”
Scottie looked over at her and smiled, throwing his
finished ice-cream into the garbage beside the car.
“One day you asked me why I stayed with you.”
“Yeah, so?” Stacey asked, putting her ice-cream in
the garbage too.
“Well I’m going to give you the real answer.”
Stacey licked her lips apprehensively and nodded,
turning to face him on the car hood. “Okay.”
“I don’t know how you’ll take it.” He said.
“I can be understanding…sometimes.”
Scottie cracked a smile. “Alright well…my older sister
was called Morgan. And she went through some
problems during high school.”
Stacey frowned and Scottie continued.
“She was called a s–t, w—e and tramp, anything
you can think of. People hated her and judged her
without knowing her. She wasn’t happy…and I
never saw it. She would come home and be just
huge smiles. I never would have guessed until
Scottie’s voice cracked and he cleared his throat.
“Until she cut off all her hair and cut her wrists.”
Stacey’s face fell and her lips parted in shock.
“And so when I saw your hair all cut up, I was
terrified. I was so scared that you had done the same
thing and some sort of…connection grew. I didn’t
want you to end up like my sister did.”
“What happened to her?” Stacey asked softly.
“…She killed herself.” Scottie said. “And I found her.”
Stacey watched as the boy in front of her broke
down from despair and she put her hand on his
shoulder when he began to cry silently.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered.
“You don’t need to be sorry for anything.” Stacey
whispered. “Nothing.”
Scottie continued to cry and Stacey stroked his back,
noticing that the two of them weren’t that different
after all.

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