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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 31

Thirty one.
One week later.
Stacey walked into school and
noticed that everyone’s eyes were
on her.
When she got to her locker, no one
was waiting there. The group of
cheerleaders that designated
themselves as her friends, stood a
few feet away, glancing over and
unsure whether they were meant
to talk to her or not.
Stacey hadn’t been at school for a
week since Kim’s death.
The news of it had spread
throughout the whole school by
that time though. Many people had
deleted the video of Kim but it was
the internet, and everyone knew
that there would still be a copy
floating around somewhere.
No one came up to Stacey but as
she got her books, placing them in
her arms limply and closing her
locker door, she found that
someone was stood beside her.
“What do you want Axel?” Stacey
asked, fiddling with her lock.
“Are you okay?” He asked and
Stacey sighed, her face ridden of
makeup and her hair sat messily on
her head. She looked at everyone
surrounding them and they all
quickly looked away.
“No.” Stacey said. “No I’m not
“Look, if you want someone to talk
to…I know I might not be your first
option but we were close. Closer
than you think. You can talk to me
Stacey, you know that.”
“But that’s the thing.” Stacey said
with a sad smile and the
expression was so heart-breaking
that Axel was at a loss for words.
“You were close to Stacey Williams.
You were close to the girl that was
completely in love with you. You
were close to the girl that had one
best friend and hopeless dreams of
being with the guy she loved.”
“You’re still that girl.” Axel said
quietly and Stacey shook her head,
eyes going red from the urge to cry
but the restraint not to.
“No I’m not.” Stacey said. “I’m really
not. You forgot about that girl, Axel.
And…And I took her place. I’m not
the naïve and weak Stacey Williams
anymore. You left her behind.”
Stacey licked her dry lips, feeling the
weight off her lack of sleep drag
down on her. “And I think I left her
behind too.”
Stacey walked past Kim’s locker and
saw the pictures and decorations
stuck to the locker door in memory
of her best friend.
“Nice isn’t it?” Scarlett asked from
behind Stacey and she shook her
“Not really.” She said. “It just shows
how much people can learn to be
nice when the one they tormented
ends up dead.”
Scarlett walked up towards Stacey,
stopping beside her in front of
Kim’s locker. “I…I’m sorry.”

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