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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 30

It was like one of those horror
You know that the killer is hiding
behind the door.
But the person on the screen
And you try with all your might to
get them to stop. You yell at the
screen. Throw things at it. Hide
behind the couch because you
know what’s going to happen. But
it just turns into slow-motion as
you wait and wait for the moment
when the killer pops out.
Stacey felt like she was trapped.
She knew what was going to
happen. And perhaps it already
had. She knew she was too late the
second Kim hung up the phone.
And so Stacey ran and ran and ran
to Kim’s house. But it just felt like
she was waiting.
Waiting until she saw something
she didn’t want to.
She got to Kim’s house and stopped
at the front door, her heart
dropping when she saw that the
door was open ajar.
She walked inside and the silence
hit her so hard that her eyes welled
up with tears as she knew what
she was going to come across.
Stacey walked up the stairs, step by
step until she reached the top.
Kim’s bedroom door was wide
open and the light from the room
was pouring into the dark hallway.
Her parents weren’t home – they
never were. Stacey slowly walked
forward and felt pure terror seize
her at what she might see.
She stopped just before the door
and took a deep breath before
walking in.
Kim was lying on the bed –
“Kim?” Stacey croaked out.
She stumbled forward to the bed
and felt sick when she saw a bottle
of pills on the bed. “K-Kim.”
She shook her shoulder, getting no
response. “Come on Kim.”
Stacey shook her shoulder again,
over and over again. She turned her
around and looked at Kim’s closed
eyes and put her head to Kim’s
No pulse.
“Kim.” Stacey cried, shaking her
violently. “Kim come on! Kim!”
Stacey cried. Tear after tear after
“No.” Stacey mumbled through her
tears, her body shaking. “No wake
up! Wake up!”
She hit Kim’s chest with her fists
and shook her as hard as she could
but she was unresponsive.
“No!” Stacey screamed, her tears
dropping onto her best friend’s
dead body as she slid down to the
ground beside the bed.
Stacey stared at the ground as her
tears fell silently.
“Come back.” She whispered.
“Please come back.”
There was no response.
And in that moment…Stacey had
never felt more alone.

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