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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 3

Routines were something that
everyone had.
The same old routine such as
setting your alarm clock so that you
wake up the same time every
morning to get to school. Or that
you go in the shower, clean your
teeth, get dressed and then have
And it’s in that order, every day
for the rest of pretty much your
whole life.
Well, Stacey had a routine.
A new routine on top of the
normal, mundane things.
Every Wednesday and Saturday
night; she would go to Axel’s house
and give up the one thing she
wanted to save for someone that
loved her.
But Stacey loved Axel…wasn’t
that enough?
Apparently to Axel…it wasn’t.
“So are you two dating?” Kim –
one of the girls on the cheerleading
squad – asked as they stood at
Stacey’s locker.
“Um, no.” Stacey said. “We
aren’t dating.”
“Oh so it’s friends with
benefits.” Kim laughed and Stacey
joined her.
But she couldn’t ignore that
tugging in her chest as Kim said
Friends with benefits.
That was what they were. They
were using each other. Using each
other for sex just like friends with
benefits did.
So then why did Stacey feel like
her and Axel were anything but

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