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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 29

Twenty Nine.
Half the school day had gone and
Stacey hadn’t seen Kim at all. She
sighed and took out her phone
when lunch finally came around
and cursed when she saw a
message from Kim.
From Kim: Have you seen it?
Stacey frowned and texted her
back quickly, asking what she
From Kim: Check Facebook…it’s
Stacey quickly came out of her texts
and brought up her Facebook
page. She flicked through the posts
on the newsfeed until suddenly
there was post after post of the
same video. Stacey apprehensively
opened up the video and played it.
She watched on with horror as a
video of a completely drunk Kim
moved from one guy to the other,
laughing and kissing them. The
guys cheered her on as she started
to dance – totally intoxicated.
“Oh Kim.” Stacey whispered,
putting her hand over her mouth.
She looked down at the comments.
‘Total s–t.’
‘What a w—e.’
‘Didn’t know she had it in her.’
She went back to her messages
and swore when she saw the first
one was sent two hours ago when
she was in the bathroom…with
Scottie. Stacey shook her head and
pressed call on Kim’s contact.
“Hello?” She answered.
“Hey.” Stacey said. “I saw the
“Horrible isn’t it?” Kim’s voice was
She had been crying.
“Kim, you were drunk. It wasn’t
your fault.” Stacey said but Kim’s
teary laugh cut her off.
“It’s funny isn’t it?” Kim asked
rhetorically. “How you go out for a
drink to forget about the fact that
everyone thinks you’re a complete
s–t…only to end up with a video
that shows how much of a s–t you
really are.”
“Kim…it wasn’t your fault.” Stacey
said. “Everyone else there was to
blame too.”
“It’s amazing how easily people
judge you.” Kim continued and
Stacey’s face slowly fell. “It’s
horrible how much that they think
their words don’t hurt. Words will
hurt more than any hit or punch.
Because unless they leave a scar…
then they’re gone in a few weeks.
But words…they stay forever.”
“Kim…” Stacey whispered into the
“But it’s okay.” She said. “I won’t
have to deal with stuff like this
“Kim?” Stacey asked fearfully and
for once her voice was something
it hadn’t been for months –
vulnerable. “Kim…what do you
Stacey heard her shuffling around
through the phone until it got
quiet. “I said that you’d write a
book about me one day.”
And then she hung up.

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