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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 28

Twenty Eight
Stacey sat on her bed, staring at the
door of her wardrobe.
School had finished and she had
come home to her mother and
father sitting at the dining table,
waiting for her. It was too bad that
Stacey wasn’t able to know what
they were going to say before they
It almost seemed surreal when they
told her that they were breaking
But the more surreal part was the
glares they kept sending each other
and all of it was giving Stacey a
headache. She knew that her mom
had cheated which in a way gave
her dad a right to be angry at her
but the two of them looked deadly
towards each other.
Stacey slowly lowered herself back
onto the bed, staring up at the
ceiling. She made patterns in the
ceiling just like she used to at Axel’s
house when they finished having
sex. She would stare up at the top
of the room and make random
pictures in her head.
Stacey wondered if maybe things
would have been different for her if
she never met Axel.
If she never fell in love with Axel.
If she never accepted to go to his
house that day.
Would she have turned into this
stranger she now looked at in the
mirror? Would her parents have
become distant not only to herself
but then each other? Would they be
getting a divorce? Would she have
met Scottie?
What would she be if she had never
gone to Axel’s house?
Who would she be?
And Stacey knew the answer right
“Well you look down.” Scottie said
as Stacey fixed her makeup in the
bathroom mirror.
A girl drying her hands looked at
Scottie, eyes wide. He gave her a
wave and she scurried out the
room like her ass was suddenly on
“I am down.” Stacey said, realizing
that no matter how much makeup
she slapped on, the bags under her
eyes would show through.
“Why’s that?” He asked.
Stacey put her makeup back in her
handbag and looked at herself,
seeing past the layers of makeup to
see the completely depressed and
helpless girl in front of her.
“What do you think of me?” Stacey
“This again?” Scottie frowned.
“No.” Stacey said, catching his eye
in the mirror. “Really. What do you
think of me? When you look at
me…what do you see?”
Scottie sighed. “A girl.”
Stacey zipped her bag shut and
turned around, shoving past him.
“Well if you’re not going to help…”
“Fine, fine!” Scottie grabbed her
shoulders, steering her back so
they were standing in front of each
other. “I…I see a girl who…”
Scottie stopped and looked into
Stacey’s eyes, gulping. “I see a girl
who I don’t think realizes how
amazing she is.”
Stacey blinked. “What?”
“When I see you, I see an amazing
girl who’s hiding behind a short
skirt and thick layers of makeup.”
“Stop joking around.” Stacey
whispered, looking away.
“I’m not.” Scottie said. “I’m not
joking about this. When I see you…I
see such a lost and broken girl that
it’s heart-breaking.”

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“And she’s so heart-broken herself
that I don’t think she knows what
she’s become.” Scottie continued.
“I don’t think she notices just how
beautiful she is.”
“This isn’t funny!”
“And I don’t think she understands
how strong she really is. How
strong she’s always been.”
“And I don’t think she’ll ever be
able to accept just how perfect she
actually is.”
Stacey’s eyes were filled with tears
as she stared at Scottie.
“Why would you say that?” She
asked, shaking her head. “You can’t
just come out and say stuff like
“Because it’s the truth.” Scottie said.
“It’s the-”
“Jesus, Scottie, stop!” Stacey put her
hand over her mouth, trying not to
blink so the tears wouldn’t fall.
“Since when did you start thinking
like that?”
“Since I met you.”
“Scottie.” Stacey said. “I don’t want
to be your pity vote.”
“You aren’t.” He said. “I took you on
that date because you were…you!”
I noticed you because you
Axel’s voice ran round Stacey’s
mind and she stumbled back,
licking her lips and looking away.
“What’s so great about being…me?
Huh? Why do you guys seem to like
me for being me? Am I naturally
slutty enough for all of you? Am I
just that d–n good at being a
w—e? Do I look so easy that it’s
now classified as a part of my
personality? Huh, Scottie? Can you
answer that? Can one f—–g
person tell me why the hell it’s so
good to be Stacey Williams?
Because you know what, it’s not as
good as everyone thinks.”
Stacey shoved past Scottie and out
of the girl’s bathroom towards her
first class.

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