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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 27

Twenty Seven.
Anne and Jack Williams sat across
the table from each other as their
lawyers debated their problems out
to each other. Their daughter was
at school and didn’t know that this
was happening. That they would be
getting a divorce.
“The divorce won’t be legally official
for some time but a separation
agreement can be drawn up.”
Anne’s lawyer said and she nodded
“Okay.” She said.
She stared at her husband from
across the table. The man she
supposedly fell in love with like a
lovesick teen. The man that she had
given her entire life to. The man she
had cheated on.
He stared at his wife from across
the table. The woman he
supposedly fell in love with like a
lovesick teen. The woman he had
given his entire life to. The woman
who had cheated on him.
And then they both realized it as
fast as a lightbulb flickering on
once the switch was pressed.
She hated her husband.
He hated his wife.
And Stacey hated them.

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