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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 26

Twenty Six.
Stacey and Kim walked down the
hallways to get to their next class a
few days later. They stopped off at
Kim’s locker as she got her English
books and Stacey looked over at
two girls who were stood at their
lockers, talking and looking at them
every now and then.
Stacey frowned until she heard
what they were saying.
“Bunch of sluts.” One of them
muttered and Stacey ground her
teeth together.
“Bunch of f–k-ups.” She muttered
and one of the girl’s glared at her
but Stacey just stepped towards
her. “You wanna say something?”
The girl looked around at everyone
watching and then sighed, shaking
her head.
“Didn’t think so.” Stacey said and
turned back to Kim who had
finished getting her stuff from her
“How do you do that?” Kim asked
as they walked down the hallway.
“Do what?” Stacey asked, still
“Deal with them.” Kim said.
Stacey shrugged. “They’re just a
bunch of bitches. If you let their
words get to you then you give
them power.”
Stacey knew what she said was
Their words had hit her hard and
words like that always did. But she
couldn’t let that show. How was
she supposed to hold up a
reputation that everyone expected
if she cried at every mean word
people threw her way?
“I would never be able to do that.”
Kim said.
“Why not?” Stacey asked as they
walked into class, sitting down at
their desks beside each other
“Because just then…I was so
angry.” Kim sighed. “When they
called us sluts, I honestly just
wanted to hit them.”
“You should have.” Stacey laughed.
“No…” Kim said. “It’s more
complicated than that.”
Stacey frowned. “How so?”
Kim sighed and pulled her hair out
of her face, bringing her small
mirror out and lip gloss to touch
up. “Because I wanted to hit myself
more than I wanted to hit them.”

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