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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 25

Twenty Five.
Scottie stood beside his car as
usual as he waited for Stacey to
come out of school. She came out a
little while after the bell rang and
smiled when she saw him.
“Hey.” She said.
“Hey there.” He replied and pushed
off from the car, walking over to
When they had finished greeting
and joking at each other, the two
got settled in the car, waiting for
the heating to come on through
the vents.
“Hey Scottie?” Stacey asked,
hovering her hands over the heat.
“Yeah?” He replied, pulling out of
“Why me?” Stacey turned to look at
him and he glanced at her briefly.
“What do you mean?” Scottie asked.
“Well…there are tons of other
desperate cheerleaders that you
could have taken out on a date.”
Stacey said. “And you didn’t have to
stick with me afterwards.”
“Why?” Scottie laughed. “Don’t like
my company anymore?”
“I love your company.” Stacey said
seriously and Scottie sighed.
“What got you thinking about this
all of a sudden?” Scottie asked and
Stacey looked out the window, her
hand grabbing the arm rest tightly,
nails digging into the fabric.
“My mom’s cheating on my dad.
And …and my dad is just…” Stacey
sighed and closed her eyes. “I don’t
know what’s happening to my dad.
I feel like I don’t even know him…or
my mom. My own parent’s feel like
I’m just staring at two strangers.
And you know what the worst part
Scottie looked at her now and then
from the corner of his eye, hearing
every word she spoke.
“I’m scared of them.” Stacey said.
“I’m scared to go home. I’m scared
to stay up too late. I’m scared to
not leave the house early enough…”
Stacey put her hand on her head
and opened her eyes. “But at the
same time, what scared me more
than them…is what they might do
to each other.”
Stacey looked over at Scottie and he
held her gaze for moment before
he felt her warm hand on his limp
one hanging from the arm rest as
his other drove the car. “That
doesn’t just scare me…it terrifies

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