Matured Stories

The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 24

Twenty Four.
“This is brilliant.” Mr Hastings said
as he held out Stacey’s short story
towards her. “One of the very best
in the class.”
Stacey’s smiled and blushed at the
praise, waiting for everyone else in
her English class to leave when the
bell rang. “Really?”
“Really.” Mr Hastings said. “You
have a talent for writing, I don’t
want you to throw that away.”
Stacey took her paper from him
and clutched it to her chest. “Thank
“If you want help or anything don’t
hesitate to come see me and please
continue to write outside of school.
Have you ever thought about
becoming a writer?”
“No really.” Stacey said honestly.
“Well it should become a serious
thought now.” Mr Hastings smiled.
“Head off to class before the bell
rings, just tell your teacher that I
was talking to you.”
Stacey nodded and turned around,
walking out the door with her
grade ‘A’ paper firmly in her grasp.
“Writer, huh?” Kim asked quietly as
her and Stacey sat at a table in the
cafeteria, the rest of the
cheerleaders surrounding them.
“He said I was good.” Stacey
shrugged and Kim smiled.
“What kind of stories?”
“I don’t know.” Stacey said. “I want
to write about a cheerleader.”
“A cheerleader?” Kim laughed.
“No, I mean like a problematic
cheerleader. Okay, maybe
problematic isn’t the right word.
But a cheerleader who has issues
and problems. At home or maybe
she’s just got issues that no one
else sees.” Stacey explained, sipping
her water.
“D–n, you’re deep.” Kim grinned
and Stacey rolled her eyes.
“I think it would be an alright
book.” Stacey said, picking at the
paper wrapping around the bottle.
“You never know.” Kim said.
“Maybe you’ll be writing a book
about me one day.”

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