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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 23

Twenty Three.
Breakfast was quiet.
Stacey silently ate her toast as her
mom boiled the kettle, pouring
herself a mug of hot water. The red
mark on her cheek was prominent
and Stacey could tell that it was
swelling and bruising. Her dad
walked in a little while later and
opened the fridge, grabbing the
carton of milk and opening it.
He tipped his head and gulped
down the milk and Stacey’s mom
watched him.
She would usually say something or
scold him, telling him to get a glass.
But she didn’t…she said nothing.
And Stacey noticed.
Her dad put the milk back in the
fridge, wiping his mouth with the
back of his hand. Stacey slowly bit a
piece of her toast off and her mom
put the kettle back down. Her dad
hovered over her mom and he
kissed her cheek from behind
making her shrug him away.
Stacey’s dad turned back to the
dining table where his daughter
was sat and gave her a sardonic
smile, grabbing an apple from the
“Have a good day at school.”
Stacey watched as her dad walked
away and then her eyes flickered
back to her mom who was
hunched over the countertop,
fingers turning white from her grip
on the surface.
“Bastard.” Her mom muttered
under her breath and spun around,
making the cup of hot water tip
over, and walked out of the kitchen.
Stacey finished her toast robotically
and put the plate in the sink,
staring at her warped reflection in
the tap.
But she couldn’t help think…
Was it any less warped in reality?
Stacey heard loud footsteps come
from the stairs and the front door
open before being promptly
slammed shut behind her dad. She
peeked her head round the
doorway and saw vase suddenly fly
through the air, hitting the door
and breaking into hundreds of
“You bastard!” Her mom screamed
and Stacey looked away, grabbing
her bag for school and ignoring
her parents.
They deserved each other.

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