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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 22

Twenty Two.
The house was silent as Stacey
walked in at about five o’clock.
She wandered round the house
and stopped in the kitchen where
she found her dad sitting at the
dining table, reading the
newspaper. She leaned against the
doorway and crossed her arms
over her chest.
“Where’s mom?” She asked and her
dad glanced up at her.
“She went to the grocery store,
should be back in a minute.”
Stacey nodded silently and bit her
lip, looking round the kitchen until
her eyes landed back on her dad
who was engrossed in his
newspaper. Her heart clenched and
she licked her lips nervously.
Who would be to blame?
“Dad…” Stacey said with a heavy
heart. “I have to tell you
something…something that I
wanted to tell you yesterday.”
Her dad looked up and sighed.
“Why, what is it?”
Stacey gulped and her eyes
flickered down to the ground
before looking back up. “Dad…”
She cut herself off and took in a
large gulp of air.
“Stacey.” Her dad stood up. “What is
“I…” Her dad walked closer and
Stacey stumbled back, clenching her
eyes shut. “…Mom’s cheating on
Stacey froze after she blurted out
those words and kept her eyes
shut so painfully that her head
began to hurt. She slowly opened
them after a moment to see her
dad stood in front of her, body
tense but he wasn’t looking at her.
His eyes were staring directly at
something behind her and Stacey
twisted her head to see her mom
standing by the front door,
groceries on the floor and her eyes
on her dad.
Stacey gulped and was about to
move towards her dad when he
suddenly shoved her to the side
and walked straight over to her
mom. Stacey’s shoulder hit the wall
and she hissed in pain only to hear
a hand crack against flesh and she
looked up, seeing her mom stumble
to the side, clutching the side of her
“B—h.” Her dad hissed.
“You saw it coming.” Her mom
sneered back, a glare fitted onto
her face and Stacey saw her dad
raise his fist.
She quickly looked away and snuck
up the stairs, running until she
reached her room. She shut the
door and pressed her back to it,
sliding down to the ground, her
eyes wide open and her heart
Who was to blame now?

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