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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 21

Twenty One.
“There, done.” Stacey said as she
walked from the back of the
hairdressers and to the front
where Scottie was waiting,
awkwardly reading a hair
Scottie stood up and grinned when
he saw her. The jagged, thick
blonde hair had been chopped off
and now a spiky pixie-cut took it’s
“Look okay?” Stacey asked
“Different.” Scottie said. “Good
Stacey gave him a small smile and
turned to the countertop, paying
for the haircut. Scottie walked over
to the hanger in the corner and
grabbed his coat. He walked out of
the store with Stacey behind him
and then frowned when he saw
that she was only wearing a short
sleeved shirt and jeans in the cold
“Where’s your coat?” Scottie asked.
“In my locker.” Stacey said. “I had
some complications.”
“Complications, huh?” Scottie
ducked into his car along with
“Ex.” Stacey explained. “Well…not
really an ex. More like an ex
friend…well actually he wasn’t a
friend. So he was more of a…”
“Ex.” Scottie said and Stacey
laughed lightly.
“Yeah.” She said. “He was just an
“You okay about it?” Scottie asked
and she shrugged.
“Yeah I’m alright.” Stacey said. “It
was about time I got over him
Scottie smiled and put the engine
on, sliding out of the car space and
onto the main road. Stacey reached
over and put the radio on, flicking
through the stations until a Nirvana
song came on.
“Oh, I love Nirvana.” Stacey grinned
and turned the volume up.
Scottie’s eyebrows raised in
surprise. “You’re a Nirvana fan?”
“Of course!” Stacey scoffed. “Just
because I wear pink doesn’t mean I
don’t like Nirvana.”
Scottie shook his head in
amusement and continued to drive
as Stacey belted out the lyrics to the
song, mumbling the words she
didn’t know. After a while, Scottie
sighed and joined her, turning the
music up higher.
Stacey laughed along with Scottie
when the song ended and they
both wore big, bright smiles. When
they finally settled down, Stacey
looked over at him with a soft look.
“I like hanging out with you Scottie,
you know that right?”
“Of course I do.” Scottie said. “I like
hanging out with you too.”
“Why did you ask me out on that
date?” Stacey asked and Scottie
tensed a little but not enough for
her to notice.
His smile faltered a little before it
was back on his face. “Because you
looked lonely.”
“So I’m a pity vote now?” Stacey
“No, you just…” Scottie stopped
himself. “It seemed like you’d be a
good laugh. And I was right, you’re
great to be around.”
Stacey smiled and looked out the
window, her finger making
pictures in the glass. But Scottie’s
smile fell as soon as she looked
away and he stared at the road in
front of him.
He might not be able to stop her
from turning into his sister…but he
could at least stop her from
knowing about his sister.

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