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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 20

Scottie Jackson was worried when
he didn’t see Stacey Williams at all
during school.
He leaned against his red car, arms
crossed over his chest and curly
blonde hair falling into his eyes.
School had finished and at this
point Stacey would usually come
walking out with her throw of
followers lagging behind her but it
had been nearly ten minutes since
the bell rang and he couldn’t find
her anywhere.
He knew that he was being stupid
for worrying over a girl that he had
only known for about two weeks
but he couldn’t help it.
When he had seen the state of her
hair the day before it felt like he
was looking at his sister’s
His sister – Morgan – was labelled
as a s–t throughout the whole of
high school. Boys used her and
girls hated her. She had no real
friends and Scottie, five years
younger than her, watched like an
idiot as she wasted away.
He didn’t know what to do.
And one day Scottie came home to
see her sitting on the ground,
crying her eyes out with a pair of
scissors in her hand. Her curly
blonde hair was a mess on the
ground and her tears made her
makeup run down her cheeks.
But the scissors hadn’t just cut her
She had cut her wrists too.
Scottie remembered that day for
the rest of his life. It haunted him
and scarred him through every
living second of his life. He knew it
had torn his parents apart too but
they hadn’t been the first to see
Morgan sitting brokenly on the
Scottie sighed and pressed his back
further against the door of his car.
He didn’t want to keep
remembering that day but the
more time he spent around Stacey
– the harder it got.
Maybe that was why he asked
Stacey to go out with him that day
and meet his family. He felt a sense
of connection because she was so
much like his sister. But then again,
they were different in so many
Stacey suddenly came round the
back door, none of her posse
behind her and Scottie walked
forward, catching her eye.
“Hey.” Stacey smiled when she
reached Scottie, realizing that no
one else was in the parking lot as
they had all gone home.
“Hey.” Scottie smiled back. “You
want a ride?”
“Actually…” Stacey said. “Could you
take me somewhere?”
Scottie frowned but nodded. “Sure,
“To the hairdressers.” Stacey
grinned. “I’m going to get my hair
done properly.”
Stacey laughed but Scottie just
“I can drive you there.” He said.
“Thank you.” Stacey said. “You
weren’t by any chance waiting for
me, were you?”
“And if I was?” Scottie asked back
with a sly smirk making Stacey
“Then I wouldn’t be one to object.”
Stacey said as she walked over to
his red car.
Scottie watched her, his smile
slowly slipping. He hoped that she
was nothing like Morgan. He prayed
that Stacey was somehow different
and would stop making the same
mistakes. He didn’t want to see
Stacey fall as hard as Morgan had.
Because the exact same night
Scottie found her cutting her hair
and wrists…he found her dead in
her room.

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