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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 19

Stacey walked up from the cafeteria
during lunch and snuck up the
back staircase towards her locker
to grab her jacket before last class
began. But when she entered the
empty hallway, she saw Axel
leaning against her locker.
She walked over and stopped in
front of him, a few paces away.
“What are you doing here?” She
“I just wanted to talk.” He said.
“About what?” Stacey sneered.
“Look, you helped me before when
I was trying to get over Melissa-”
“You used me.” Stacey clarified,
shaking her head. “I didn’t help
“I don’t want us to hate each
other.” Axel finished and Stacey
gave him a sardonic smile.
“I never said I hated you.”
“Actions speak louder than words.”
Axel said and Stacey stepped
forward, crossing her arms over
her chest.
Axel then finally noticed her hair
and the jagged and messy cut it
had. His brows furrowed and his
eyes flickered up to hers. “You cut
your hair. I liked it long.”
Axel sighed and put his hands in
his pockets. “What do you want me
to do?”
“Get out of my way so I can get to
my locker.”
“I’m trying to make us even.”
“There is no way we can be even
Axel.” Stacey scoffed. “Unless you
get your entire life destroyed by
someone you thought you loved!”
Stacey’s face fell and Axel’s lips
parted in shock. “Love?”
Stacey breathed deeply. “Yes.” She
finally said.
“You love me?”
Stacey looked at him, right into his
eyes and said in a voice so quiet, it
was almost a whisper. “No.”
“But you just said-”
“I love you, yes.” Stacey said. “I do.
But I can’t be in love with you. Not
after everything you put me
“What did I put you through?” Axel
asked in disbelief.
“You noticed me.” Stacey said. “But
not because you liked me. You
noticed me because I looked slutty
enough for you!”
Stacey sighed and looked away
before glancing back up at Axel.
She shook her head and scoffed,
turning around and leaving her
jacket in her locker.
“I didn’t notice you because I
thought you were slutty.” Axel said
as she walked away and Stacey
stopped walking, looking back at
him. “I noticed you because you
were…you. I thought that we were
“We’re not friends Axel.” Stacey said
“Why not?” Axel asked and Stacey
gulped down her pain before finally
saying the cold, hard truth.
“Because you left me behind.”

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