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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 18

Kim looked over at Scottie and
frowned. “Um…”
“He just comes and goes as he
pleases.” Stacey explained and Kim
slowly nodded.
“Right well…would you mind
leaving?” Kim asked.
“I thought we were bonding.”
Scottie scoffed.
“Yeah sure.” Kim said. “But I kind of
need to pee so…”
Scottie cleared his throat
awkwardly and pushed off from
the wall. “Right, yeah, of course. I’ll
uh…I’ll see you around Stacey.”
Scottie quickly left and Kim’s eyes
followed him as he left. “New
Stacey looked over and smiled.
“Something like that.”
“Alright, what’s up?” Kim asked as
Stacey finished her last class for the
morning and was about to head
out for lunch.
“Nothing.” Stacey frowned up Kim
just gave her a look.
“You’ve been down all day and you
come to school with a do-it-
yourself haircut.” Kim said. “I know
something’s wrong.”
“It’s nothing.” Stacey sighed and
then bit her lip, looking at Kim and
rolling her eyes. “Okay maybe
something is up.”
Kim smiled softly and pulled her
friend to the side so they were
stood beside some unused lockers.
“What’s up?”
“What…what would you do if you
had a secret?” Stacey asked. “A
secret that you know but you’re not
sure if you should tell the person it
involves…if that makes any sense.”
“Sort of.” Kim said. “What kind of
Stacey looked at Kim and then
licked her lips nervously, looking
around briefly before turning back
to Kim. “My mom’s cheating on my
“Jesus…” Kim muttered. “How did
you find out?”
“Well I saw her with another guy.
They came home and everything. I
told my mom about it yesterday
and…” Stacey stopped herself from
continuing and looked down at the
Her mom had told her she was a
“…And she didn’t take it too well.”
Stacey finished and Kim gave her a
concerned look.
“It’ll be okay.” Kim said, placing a
hand on Stacey’s shoulder. “But,
you mean you’re not sure if you
should tell your dad?”
Stacey nodded.
“I mean it could help them but…”
Stacey trailed off. “What if it ruins
them? What if it completely
destroys them and before I know it
I’m deciding who I want to live
“Stacey you shouldn’t have to carry
a burden like this.” Kim said. “It
isn’t your fault that your mom’s
being unfaithful.”
And that’s only because he’s been
worrying about his f—–g job and
you whoring around all the time.
Stacey gulped as her mom’s words
rang round in her head. Was she so
sure that this wasn’t her fault? She
knew that her parents had been
stressed over her lowering grades
and trashy way of life but…they
never did anything to help her.
They had never confronted her.
So was Stacey partially to blame for
“But what if I tell them,” Stacey said
quietly, her voice almost a whisper,
“and their marriage is destroyed in
a single second? Then who would
be to blame?”
Kim didn’t have an answer.

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For the first time in months; Stacey
sat down for dinner at six o’clock
with her mom and dad.
Her dad hadn’t been staying late for
work and her mom hadn’t been
running around with another man.
For once, they sat there and ate like
an actual family.
But Stacey had this horrible feeling
that she was about to ruin it.
Her dad sat, eating quietly to
himself as her mom made small
talk. Stacey was silent and she
knew that the two of them had
noticed. They had also noticed that
her hair was cut roughly but
neither of them commented on it.
Stacey took a deep breath and
looked at her dad who was sat
across the table from her, next to
her mom.
“Hey dad?” Stacey asked and he
looked up.
Stacey glanced at her mom and saw
the look in her eyes. Her mom
wavered and tried to plead with
Stacey through her facial
expressions. Stacey gulped and
looked back at her dad.
“Um dad…” She began. “The…the
thing is…”
The guilt was hitting her so hard.
Just a few more words and there
would be no more guilt. She would
be free from this burden pressing
down on her shoulders.
“What is it?” Her dad frowned and
Stacey’s lips parted, her eyes
flickering to her mom.
“Um…I-I don’t really know how to
say it.” Stacey breathed. “The thing
Her mom pleaded.
“That…my percentage in math went
up.” Stacey finished and looked
Her dad nodded, a small smile on
his face. “That’s good. I knew you’d
get back in the swing of it.”
Stacey gave her dad a small smile
and glanced at her mom who gave
her a thankful smile of gratitude.
But Stacey just glared at her with so
much hatred that her own mother

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