Matured Stories

The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 17

People always notice the kid that
looks broken.
They can see it by what they wear,
how they smile and the look in
their eyes.
But it’s the ones that don’t look
broken…that hurt more than any
Stacey was broken.
Even if she had realized it or not –
she was broken in the most painful
way of all. She had given up all
hope in herself and perhaps she
had never had any hope to begin
But there was one thing that had
seemed so perfect and concrete in
her life. Her parents. They were safe
because they would always be
together in her head. They were
the ideal couple. Everyone was
jealous of them. Wanted to be
And that was now ruined –
The one thing that Stacey thought
was concrete and grounded…was
now destroyed.
It felt like she had been lied to
almost and betrayed. But Stacey still
didn’t know what to do. Did her
dad even know? She guessed that
he didn’t but what if he had? What
if he had been living with this
burden for months…years?
What if he was cheating too?
Stacey stared at herself in the
mirror. Her hair had been chopped
off to the tops of her shoulders and
the cut was jagged and uneven.
Thick blonde curls lay on the
ground by her feet and Stacey
dropped the scissors down onto
the countertop.
She looked broken.
So like any other broken person,
she grabbed a dustpan and brush
and began sweeping away her
“New hairstyle, huh?” Scottie
grinned as he walked into the girl’s
bathroom during school.
Stacey’s mouth dropped open and
her eyes went wide. “You can’t be
“Yeah, you told me that last time
with spaghetti all in your face.”
Scottie made large, random hand
gestures and Stacey sighed,
glancing at her hair in the mirror.
The bright lights that the school
had was making her handy-work
even more apparent.
“You know, you could just go to the
hairdressers.” Scottie pointed out
and Stacey glared at him.
“Yes, I’m aware thank you!”
The bathroom door opened up and
Stacey tensed but then relaxed
when Kim walked in, stopping mid-
step when she saw Stacey.
“New hairstyle, huh?” Kim raised an
eyebrow and Stacey narrowed her
eyes, turning back to the mirror.

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