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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 15

Stacey and Scottie currently sat side
by side with a huge bowl of
popcorn and another one with
M&M’s. The lights were off and the
only other light was from the
screen as ‘Easy A’ ironically played
for the two of them.
They laughed together and ended
up throwing half the food at each
Stacey smiled and looked over at
Scottie. “You know…you’re not too
“You’re not too bad yourself.”
Scottie smiled, a bottle of water
hanging from his fingertips.
“Thanks.” Stacey smiled and
unexpectedly…she blushed.
The front door was unlocked as
Stacey got home at eight at night.
She had texted her mom and told
her that she would be home late
and had got a short and curt reply.
She shut the door behind her and
put her bag down on the ground
that had her shirt and bra in it.
Scottie had let her keep the shirt for
the night and she said that she
could give it back in the morning at
Scottie said not to bother.
Most of the lights were off but the
sitting room lights were shining
into the hallway. Stacey headed
over and slipped into the room,
hearing the TV playing quietly as
her mom sat on the couch.
“Hey.” Stacey said and her mom
glanced over, giving a polite smile.
“Where’s dad?”
“Working late tonight.” Her mom
said and Stacey nodded.
“Right.” Stacey said and bit her lip,
feeling the urge to ask her mom
creeping up on her. “Um…mom?”
“Yeah?” She asked, still looking at
the TV.
“Can I talk to you about
something?” Stacey asked and her
mom looked over, raising an
Stacey took a deep breath and
looked away from her mom’s gaze.
“I…I saw the other night.”
“What do you mean?” Her mom
“I saw you last night with…that
guy.” Stacy explained and her mom
“Are you cheating on dad?” Stacey
asked and her mom looked at her,
a look of bewilderment crossing
her face.
“Oh don’t give me that face.”
Stacey’s mom narrowed her eyes.
“What face?” Stacey frowned.
“As if I’ve done something that you
wouldn’t have.”
“M-Mom, what are you talking
“Oh it’s not news that you’re
sleeping with half the
neighbourhood!” Her mom rolled
her eyes and Stacey felt the sudden
urge to cry. “Don’t go giving me a
look as if you’re better than me.
You’re just as bad as me, Stacey.
Like mother, like daughter.”
Stacey’s lips parted and she blinked
rapidly, looking away.
“And yes, I am cheating on your
father.” Her mom said. “And that’s
only because he’s been worrying
about his f—–g job and you
whoring around all the time.”
Her mom looked back at the TV and
Stacey finally felt the strength to
turn away and walk out of the
She walked like a robot on
automatic towards her room and
when she got inside, she shut the
door, turned the lights off and
crawled into bed.
She clenched her eyes shut as the
first tear fell.

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