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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 14

“Mine or yours?” Scottie asked
Stacey as they got into his beat up
old car. It was a small red thing that
they could both only just fit in.
Stacey thought for a moment and
then remembered that her mom
was going to be home today.
Stacey didn’t think that she had the
heart to sit with her for a few
hours before her dad came back
and not say something about
She knew that she was just
running from the inevitable but
putting it off for as long as possible
didn’t seem like such a bad idea.
“Yours.” She said and Scottie
nodded with a small smile, pulling
out of the school parking lot.
Stacey stepped out of the shower,
the entire room steamed up from
the heat. Her wet hair was matted
against her back and the smell of
tomato and the sticky residue it left
behind had finally left her body.
She grabbed the large, dark blue
towel that sat on the countertop
and wrapped it around her body.
She pulled the towel down her
long, blonde hair and wiped a hand
over the mirror so she could see
her reflection.
She picked up the ends of her hair
that fell down her back, reaching
her hips, and had an idea.
Scottie was sat on his bed was
Stacey came wandering back in, the
large towel wrapped around her
Scottie glanced at her, gulped, and
then looked away.
“Um…my jeans are fine but my shirt
is a little ruined.” Stacey gave him
an awkward smile. “I don’t want to
intrude or anything but um…could I
maybe borrow a shirt? Just until I
get home.”
Scottie nodded and jumped up,
walking over to his chest of
drawers. He shifted through his
shirts and grabbed one of his dark
gray ones that wasn’t a V-neck. He
turned around and held it out for
Stacey grinned and grabbed the
shirt before slipping out the door
Scottie let out a long breath and sat
down on his bed, wondering how
the hell he was supposed to get
through the day when there was
an image of Stacey in only a towel
imprinted in his head.
“What would you say if I cut my
hair?” Stacey asked as she walked
back into the room, jeans on and
Scottie’s shirt over the top.
She wasn’t wearing a bra.
“Cut your hair?” Scottie raised an
eyebrow. “Man, you’re really full of
surprises today.”
Stacey narrowed her eyes on him
and sat down beside him on the
bed. “I’m serious. What if I cut my
hair? Shoulder length? Or like one
of those cool bobs?”
“Short hair, huh?” Scottie mused. “It
could suit you. Why do you want
the change?”
“I don’t know…kind of sick of the
long hair thing.”
Scottie nodded in understanding
and stood up from the bed. “Wanna
watch a movie?”
Stacey gave him a small smile. “You
don’t mind me hanging around?”
“Parents won’t be round for a few
hours.” Scottie shrugged. “And I like
having you round.”
“You do?” Stacey frowned.
“Yeah.” Scottie repeated her frown.
“Of course I do.”
Scottie walked out of the room,
expecting Stacey to follow
immediately and she did after a few
moments, coming to terms with the
fact that he was the first person to
want her to stick around.

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