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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 13

All eyes were on Stacey as she
walked into the cafeteria the next
She had bought a drink and was
going to head out but all the eyes
on her were giving her an
unnerving feeling in her gut. She
glared at everyone and they
glanced away but just as quickly as
Stacey turned away, they were
staring at her again.
Stacey looked around the room –
trying to find Scottie.
She didn’t know why she was
trying to find him but right now he
seemed like the best option.
He was safe.
“Hey Stacey.” Someone called out
from behind her and Stacey turned
around only to have something wet
and sloppy poured over her head. It
went into her hair and down her
Scarlett gave Stacey a triumphant
smirk as she watched the spaghetti
and tomato sauce drop from
Stacey’s hair and onto the ground.
Everyone was cheering Scarlett on
and Stacey could see Axel out of the
corner of her eye.
Stacey gulped but didn’t reach up
to wipe her face or move the
dripping sauce out of her eyes.
“That’s for trying to take my
boyfriend.” Scarlett hissed. “He
never wanted you and he never
Stacey blinked and waited for
Scarlett to walk past, shoving her
She saw Axel and his friends move
from the corner of her eyes and
waited until they had left the
cafeteria. Stacey sighed and looked
down at her ruined shirt as she felt
the food seep into her hair and for
the first time she held back her
tears as everyone around her
“Jesus, what happened to you?”
Scottie asked as Stacey was
heading towards the girls
“What do you think?” Stacey
snapped and Scottie held his hands
“No need to get angry at me.”
Scottie sighed.
Stacey ignored him and stormed
into the girl’s bathroom, looking at
her pathetic reflection in the mirror.
She wiped the spaghetti away from
her face with both hands and
rubbed her eyes, opening them
back up to see Scottie leaning
against the wall through the mirror.
“This is the girl’s bathroom.” Stacey
pointed out and Scottie smiled,
crossing his arms over his chest.
“I’m aware.” He said.
“You’re not supposed to be in
here!” Stacey hissed.
“You look like you need help.”
Scottie said.
Stacey whirled round to face him
with a glare on her face.
“Yeah? Well I don’t need you. I don’t
need anyone!” Stacey snapped. “I
can sort myself out. Just go away
will you!”
Stacey turned back to the mirror
and picked food out from her hair.
She looked down at her ruined
shirt and sighed, running her
finger down the spoilt material.
She suddenly felt two hands on her
shoulders and looked up, catching
Scottie’s eye in the mirror.
“I told you to go away.” Stacey said.
“And I said you need help.” Scottie
replied and Stacey looked away,
wiping her face again as tomato
sauce dropped onto her cheek.
She felt Scottie’s hands move up
and gently run through her hair,
pulling out strings of pasta.
“Have to admit,” Scottie murmured,
“this is kind of funny.”
“It is not!” Stacey said but she
couldn’t stop the little smile that fell
on her face.
Scottie laughed and looked down
at the mess of tomato sauce that
sat on his hand. “God, that’s gross.”
“Tell me about it.” Stacey muttered,
giving herself a once over in the
Scottie smiled softly at her and put
his hands back on her shoulder,
leaning over so that he could look
at her through the mirror.
“My car’s in the parking lot.” He
said. “I can give you a ride to your
house or mine and get you cleaned
Stacey began to shake her head but
Scottie just raised an eyebrow at
her. “It wasn’t a question.”
Stacey sighed but nodded, grateful
that there was someone out there
for her right now.
“We can go out the back entrance
so not many people see you.”
Scottie said and Stacey breathed in
“Thanks.” She said sincerely.
The two of them washed their
hands quickly and as Scottie dried
his on the side of his shirt, Stacey
glanced at herself one more time in
the mirror.
“Hey Scottie?” She asked and he
glanced over at her. “You know
yesterday, when you asked me if
Scarlett deserved it or not and I
said I didn’t know?”
“Yeah.” Scottie said and walked
over to her.
“Well I made my mind up.” Stacey
said as she looked at her reflection,
face covered in drying pasta sauce.
“She did.”

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