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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 12

At nine at night, Stacey had her
binders littering the coffee table as
she sat cross-legged in front of it
on the floor. The TV played quietly
in the background as she studied,
fingers flicking through the
numerous pages.
She had a lamp on beside her that
was spreading light into the sitting
room but other than that with the
glare of the TV – it was dark. She
was wearing baggy sweatpants
and a school hoodie with its name
written across the front.
She was memorizing and writing
stuff down when the front door
Stacey glanced behind her when
she heard giggling. From the sitting
room, the door was open a little so
that she could see into the hall and
a little bit of the stairs.
Stacey watched as her mom walked
into the house and shushed who
must have been Stacey’s dad
behind her. Her mom was laughing
and it seemed like she was mildly
Her mom grabbed onto her dad’s
arm and they stumbled into each
other drunkenly, placing sloppy
kisses on each other.
Stacey sighed and was about to
look away when the two of them
started up the stairs and the hall
light shone on their faces.
And Stacey watched with a heavy
heart as her mom dragged a man
upstairs that was most definitely
not her dad.

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