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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 11

Scottie walked into the cafeteria
after nearly being shoved to the
side by a practically crying Scarlett
and then completely shoved to the
side by a livid Axel. He was
apprehensive to walk into the
cafeteria if enough drama had
ensued to cause that but he made
his way inside anyway.
His arms ached from carrying the
heavy binder in his arms and he
walked in to see everyone laughing.
He frowned in confusion until he
caught sight of Stacey running out
of the other entrance to the
And before he began to overthink
things, Scottie turned around and
ran after her.
He walked down the empty
corridor that led to the boy’s gym.
The class was outside for the whole
period so no one was around.
Scottie rounded the corner and
saw Stacey sitting on the benches
that lined the side of the wall.
He came over and sat down beside
Stacey, chewing on his lip
“Um…you okay?” He asked and
Stacey nodded. “What was…?”
Stacey sniffed, shrugging her
shoulder as she leaned her back
against the wall. “I kissed Axel…as
his girlfriend was watching.”
Scottie whistled.
“Well d–n.” He said with a
secretive smile with Stacey glared
at. “I’ve heard it all now.”
“Oh shut up.” Stacey rolled her eyes.
“Why are you here anyway?”
“You looked upset.” Scottie said.
“My knight in shining armour.”
“Then you must be the princess.”
Stacey scoffed loudly, folding her
hands together in her lap. “I’m
more like the damsel in distress.”
“Why would you say that?” Scottie’s
brows furrowed.
“I can’t do anything independently,
can I?” Stacey frowned at him and
Scottie seriously thought for a
moment that she wanted a
legitimate answer. “I have a group
of cheerleaders that tell me all the
gossip. I have hundreds of people
tell me what I should be doing next.
How I should be acting. Who I
should be hooking up with. What I
should be wearing. You know for
once, I would like to just come into
school wearing sweatpants and a
hoodie…just to see which one of
the cheerleaders blows up first.”
“Oh, it would definitely be Kerry.”
Scottie grinned. “That chick talks
like a chipmunk on drugs. If even a
tiny thing goes wrong in the world
all that pent up frustration will just
explode out of her.”
Stacey laughed and forgot the tear
trails that ran down her cheeks and
left an imprint on her foundation.
Scottie noticed.

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