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The Girl He Left Behind – Season 1 – Episode 10

The cafeteria was quiet when
Stacey got there but there was a bit
enough crowd to get the news to
spread fast. Stacey walked through
the open door and looked around
quickly, spotting Axel at his usual
table in the middle of the large
Stacey slapped a smirk onto a face
although she knew that she was
only doing this because it was
expected of her.
And if she didn’t do what was
expected…then she might as well
have not been there in the first
Everyone watched her as she
walked over to the centre table that
was filled with members of the
football team and other popular
guys. Popular guys who Stacey had
one night stands with, those
including the ones that dragged
her into this way of life not too
long ago.
But then there was the one in the
middle, right across from her as
she came to a stop at the table.
The boy that didn’t give a d–n. He
didn’t care. He was the cruellest
person Stacey had ever met and it
was a shame that it had taken her
so long to see that. It was a shame
that she found out as she was in
love with him.
The table had quietened a little bit
along with the rest of the cafeteria
but not too much to make it
awkward. Axel had looked up and
his eyes were on Stacey as she
walked round the table, her finger
trailing over the backs of the rest of
the boys who smiled suggestively
at her.
Stacey felt cheap.
She stopped in front of Axel’s seat
and he kept his gaze on her. She
felt the urge to have her smirk
waver and falter under his scrutiny
but she kept it up, kept it strong.
Stacey glanced behind her at the
cafeteria doors where two
members of the cheerleading team
poked their heads into the room
and gave her a thumbs up. She
grinned maliciously and hoisted
herself over Axel’s lap so she was
straddling him.
Wolf whistles rang out from around
the room and everyone began to
talk and cheer around them.
Stacey felt weak.
She ran a finger down his chest,
her eyes on his. There was no
reaction within him so Stacey
leaned forward and sealed her lips
against his. That finally made him
react and Axel grabbed her
shoulders but Stacey surged
forward and pushed her body
closer to his.
Axel was about to push her away
but she clung tighter, pretending
that he was liking it.
The whole table filled with his
friends cheered on and people
were taking pictures, texting about
it and smiling at the gossip that
would soon follow.

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