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THE GIRL AT THE GROCERY STORE – Season 1 – Episode 9

Chapter nine
Me:(knocks on the door) Anyone home?
Rofina: Go away.
Me: its Kelvin, please open the door.
Rofina: (opens the door)this one that you remembered me today, how far na?
Me: I just dey ooo. I just sey make I see you na, based on sey e don tey.
Rofina: hmm, that kind thing. Ok ooo
Me: so how far you na
Rofina:(sitting on he bed) see I just tire for everything, even my result sef just dey make me vex
Me: see lass lass we go still make am for this school.
Rofina: that one na you na, me I don tire for this school. Me I know sey I no too sharp but the result just weak me ehn. Even jones, as him see am him con dey tell me sey I too dull, this and that. Abeg I just tire.
Me: see you gats understand something. That guy no get sense and the relutl na just minor obstacle. You know sey na 200 level you dey, time still dey to brush up na.
We just talked and talked and I assured her that she could do better. I wasn’t a spiritual person but then, I had to play the God card. I told her that her admission wasn’t by the efforts of her dad but by the will of God and that God would not send her to school to come and be frustrated like this. I told her that it was all a stepping stone to greatness and that she could overcome it.
I told her that her boy friend was just a foolish dog who would fuck anything in a skirt. We laughed about it and I could see some joy in her. She apologized for embarrassing me the other day and I told her it was all ok. I told her about my theory of she having a screw loose in her head and that was why she did it. She laughed about and just like that, we were all good.

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