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THE GIRL AT THE GROCERY STORE – Season 1 – Episode 8

Chapter eight
Rofina was the first child of her parents. She had two younger sisters who were both in secondary school. She had not merited her admission into the school and so, her father warned her not to joke with her studies. Her father would often tell her that before she let him down she should think of all the people he had to talk to and owe favours just to get her into the school. He said she had to work hard and that she was above failure.
She knew her father would beat the crap out of her for having such a result. She started falling apart. Jones didn’t help matters at all. He was sleeping with almost all his female trainees at the gym and even some of his female lecturers. He had less time for Rofina and whenever she would call, he would make up some story as to why he couldn’t see her and even when he did he was always as cold as ice. He wouldn’t regard her and he would raise his voice at her at the slightest issues. The last time they saw each other, she picked one of his calls and it was a girl on the other end, she had gotten into a screaming match with the girl and when he heard about it he slapped her and stormed out of her place.
That issue coupled together with the drop in her result almost ruined her life. She was always indoors and she had started missing lectures. She cried and sobbed the whole day, she wasn’t eating anything and at a point, she fell sick. Her friends were tired of talking to her and so they just let her be. For more than a week they had no news on her, her phone was always switched off and her friends weren’t bothered about it.
I knew that she was probably crazy based on our last encounter but I couldn’t just ignore the fact that she was facing hard times along. I had to do something about it, I had to let go of my resentment towards her and show some love. Not the erotic type, but the friendly type.

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