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THE GIRL AT THE GROCERY STORE – Season 1 – Episode 7

Chapter seven
Results were rumored to come out the next week and the entire school was in chaos. It was as if no one wrote well during the exams and we were all going to have bad grades. Some students started reducing their party levels and most students actually started going to church. It was totally insane. My church was now filled to the brim and you would hear them shout might Amens whenever the pastor prophesied concerning the results. Even the offerings were coming in abundance. So these people actually knew God, yet they would peddle themselves to yahoo boys and lecturers. The guys would smoke all sorts of things and most of them even waited at strategic places just to rob their fellow students. Well who am I to judge, it’s not as if I was a saint or assistant Jesus. I had my flaws too and maybe the result was a way to bring all of us closer to God.
So the results eventually came out but just before they did, the VC of the university dropped a statement. In his statement he expressed his disappointment towards the students and said that he was surprised at the high rate of failure in the entire university. Ranging from the faculty of Humanities to that of Engineering, to Management sciences and all others. He said that the results would not be boosted and that we were unserious and we have to deal with the consequences.
I later checked my results and contrary to what the VC had said, I had done excellently well. Out of 7 courses I had 3 As, 2 Bs, a C and an E. Although I was not happy about the E but I loved my result. Most people had results with Fs, it was rumored that the way carryovers were handed to students this time was as if they were showers of blessings.
The result hit many people differently but I got shocking news 2 weeks after they were released. It was about Rofina, she had failed 2 courses out of seven and so she had to carry them over. She was all broken down and the news even got worst. Her boyfriend had left her in the midst of all these. She was totally devastated and I could feel her pain.

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