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THE GIRL AT THE GROCERY STORE – Season 1 – Episode 6

Chapter six
After that incident, I actively avoided her and her area. You see, Rofina was a second year student like me. We were in the same faculty which was the faculty of Humanities. She was in the department of History while I was in the department of English. I knew where and when they had their classes, I knew where they would hang out whenever they had no classes and I even knew the coffee shop she liked patronizing the most. So I made it a duty to avoid these red areas. I would go to my classes and once I was done with them, I would go straight home. Most times our classes would end at the same time and our departments would usually meet in front of our faculty building, even then I would try my best to avoid her.
I was at it for almost a full semester then I started getting news from some of my friends who knew her. How she would ask them to greet me in case they saw me, how she would always ask how I was doing, she would even on some occasions ask where I was. I didn’t actually care because I perceived it as being a trap and I wasn’t going to be a fool twice.
One Tuesday after we had just come out from one of our lectures, I got a call. The number wasn’t saved so I thought it was from one of the drummers in the area, I answered the call and to my surprise it was Rofina. Immediately she told me she was the one calling I cut the call and turned off the phone, I called her back later that evening and asked how she got my number. She told me that she got it from my roommate, I then cut the call, blacklisted the number and warned my roommate never to pull that stunt again.
But guy, you sef know sey this girl go well. You just dey here dey for her, he said.
Guy leave that matter, that girl no follow.
We argued it for a while and then I explained what had happened, he laughed and laughed and told me that the lord is my strength. But baba God would never allow all these girls to see him.

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