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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

THE GIRL AT THE GROCERY STORE – Season 1 – Episode 5

Chapter five
She was still surprised that I knew these things and she became curious as to if I knew all these in theory alone. So she asked me to explain again with illustrations. I told her it wasn’t a good idea because she had a boyfriend, she said it didn’t matter and we weren’t doing anything wrong. I knew it was all going to back fire at me, but I just could not ignore the girl in front of me who was indirectly asking me to fuck her.
I started my illustration again but this time, I started by touching her legs. I moved from her legs up to her laps and then to her hips. When I saw she was already in the mood I went in for a soft kiss. She kissed me back and it was amazing. Then I felt her pull back and a heavy hand came upon my face causing my head to turn. I could have sworn I saw stars as that slap was mighty and equally strong. And for about 6 seconds, I only saw darkness and before I could get a grip on what had happened I was baptized with water. Oh yeah, after the slap she had rushed somewhere to get water to pour on me. Whether it was from the toilet or from the kitchen I don’t know but it smelled bad.
She then started shouting at me asking me to get the hell out of her place. In confusion I rushed out of the room and down the stairs. I was soaked from head to toe but to God be the glory; I was wearing a black shirt with a black jean trouser. I took a bike to my place where I changed my clothes and I started thinking about the humiliation I had just endured. It dawned on me that I was engaged with a psycho and her brain had finally knocked. Why else would she act that way when the whole thing was her idea, I was confused as fuck. The only other time I had been this confused was when my Phonetics lecturer gave me a D on a course that I know I did well enough to get at least a B. it was later corrected sha but it still confused the hell out of me. I wasn’t taking it personal and I told myself I wasn’t making that mistake again.

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