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THE GIRL AT THE GROCERY STORE – Season 1 – Episode 4

Chapter four
We talked a lot that evening but it was getting pretty late. I told her I would come around the next day and that we would talk more. That night I couldn’t sleep all too well, I was thinking of her and the kind of competition I would be in if I wanted to ask her out. She was the full package you know, not fat, a little short, she had this shape that was constantly hidden by the baggy clothes she would always wear. For some reason she didn’t dress like other girls with bum-shorts or tights, she always dressed to cover her entire body. But as far as I could tell, she liked baggy clothes.
I got around to her spot the next day around 6:30 in the evening, she wasn’t there. But about 6minutes later she called me from upstairs, turns out the building was divided into two sections, the floor level was reserved for stores while the first floor was reserved for rooms. I came up the stairs and she took me into her room, it was a self-contain and it was amazing. Not painted but she used a nice wallpaper, it was wide enough to contain three large beds and there would still be enough room. Her kitchen wasn’t quite big but it was stocked to the brim, she had everything in there. We sat on the bed and started talking. We talked about our mistakes in life and whether or not we would change our decisions if we had a second chance. I told her about how I started having sex at the age of 8 and how it had affected me ever since.
She told me she had experienced sex only 2 times in her entire life and things started being awkward. I explained to her the steps that were involved in having sex and that you don’t just rush into it. You don’t see a girl and take her to your room and then off her clothes then start sexing her. I explained to her that you first share a kiss to set the moment, you then move on to touching her in her sensitive places. Starting with the nipples, you then move down to the golden palace then when you get to the palace you make sure you take real good care or it. You are to move your finger around slowly, gently flicking her bean and when she starts moaning real good you then move on to fingering her until she comes. When I was done explaining all these to her, I noticed her silence as she sat there quietly looking at me. I smiled at her and asked her, E shock you?

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