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THE GIRL AT THE GROCERY STORE – Season 1 – Episode 3

Chapter three
So I had been going to that spot for almost two weeks now and Rofina and I were getting to some good stuff. We would talk about our preferences in dating and her types. I told her I had no types and that I preferred all girls equally. Later on we discovered that it was a lie and although I could relate with all girls, if I wanted to date any girl she would either be petite or something close to that. She liked guys who were all buffed up, guys who went to the gym, had a lot of muscles to showcase, guys who had beards and were tall. When she gave her description I knew you could only find those sets of guys at specific places in the university. They were either the gym coaches, the bouncers at night clubs in school or the man-o-war members.
I asked her why and she told me she had no reason at all, but she just wanted to have someone like that around in order to make other girls jealous. The way she smiled while telling me all these made me suspicious so, I asked her if she already had a boyfriend. She smiled and said yes and that he was the lead gym instructor. Of course I knew the guy, his name was Jones and he was in his third year. He was the school’s Mr. Right, with the most amazing social skills and he was popular among the guys in the school, even with the top Akpa men in the school.
Some said he was and Akpa man himself but no one had any proof to back up these allegations. She was head over heels for this guy and so far as I could tell, their relationship was smoothly. I felt like I had made a mistake by asking her about her boyfriend because now she won’t just shut up about the guy. He had this and that and was this and that; I even started feeling sorry for myself. Based on her story, his parents were politicians and the school paid him for heading the gym in a well to do manner. He had a nice apartment that was well above average and a car. I think it was a Bentley. Yea the guy was something.

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