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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

THE GIRL AT THE GROCERY STORE – Season 1 – Episode 2

Chapter two
Her name was Rofina and she was from delta state but she lived in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. I monitored her as she seriously tried her best to pretend as if I wasn’t there, but at a point she looked at me and asked what the problem was. I said nothing was wrong but I continued staring, I stared for about 2minutes then she faced me again but before she could say anything, I asked her not to be offended and then I explained to her how bored I was and what I did during my brief moment of boredom. She smiled and for a while I could see some level of gentility. I started talking and talking but she didn’t respond, but I kept talking, I eventually got to a topic on how bad my days in the school hostel were and she joined in the conversation. The girls’ hostel is far worse than the boys’ hostel, she said.
We had found neutral ground and the conversation was now going along perfectly, she told me her name and I told her mine and just as I was about to get her number, Elvis came around saying he was ready to move. I sighed heavily and said bye to the lovely Rofina. It seemed little Amy had said something that didn’t sit all too well with Elvis and he wasn’t interested in taking the conversation further. He had some kind of truncated luck with the ladies, you see ladies were into him but they were not the type of girls he saw himself dating. They were either too fat or too short for his taste.
I told myself it didn’t matter what a girl looked like and that all girls should be loved not minding their sizes or heights or even skin colour. Now that was a fact, but some girls just won’t learn how to dress according to their sizes. You would see a girl that is large in size wearing undersized clothes and slim girls that could be intimidated by the wind wearing things that were just wrong. I loved girls who had good fashion senses and were mindful of what they wore. I had this girl in my department who would normally dress like a prostitute to class and she was ok with it. It bothered me because based on her dressing, she had no value.

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