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The Farmer’s Daughters (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

The Farmer’s Daughters

The Farmer’s Daughters

By Cristiano Caffieri

Jack Sealy, a traveling salesman, had heard almost every version of the old joke involving someone in his occupation and a farmer’s daughter but he never thought he would ever find himself in a similar situation. That was until the day his GPS went on the blink while traveling through the prairie provinces of Canada.

Poor Jack, or maybe I should say lucky Jack, found himself on a dirt road, miles from anywhere and out of gas. As the old joke predicted there was a farm house in the distance and he set out to walk.

By the time he reached the farm it was getting dark. A large dog straining at his chain was snapping and snarling at him as he knocked on the front door. However, when it opened, it wasn’t an old farmer that confronted him it was a nice looking young woman in her early twenties with rosy cheeks, big blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Before he or she could speak she was joined by an equally pleasant young woman who turned out to be her sister.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” Jack began, “But I’m a traveling salesman and I’m not only lost my car ran out of gas.”

The two women thought that was hilarious and when they’d stopped laughing they invited him in saying that they had just put supper on the table and he was welcome to join them. During the conversation that ensued at the table he gathered that their father had passed away a couple of years ago, their mother had taken off to the city and they were running a 3000-acre spread on their own.

“We hardly ever see anybody out here,” said Astrid, the eldest.

“Hardly a soul,” chimed in Beatrix, “It gets very lonely.”

“Don’t you have boyfriends?” asked Jack.

Astrid giggled, “Ain’t no boys around here for miles.”

“But we have the next best thing,” said Beatrix, “Shall we show him?” she asked turning to Astrid.

Astrid blushed a little, “I suppose we could. You are broadminded ain’t you,? she inquired.

Jack nodded, not knowing what to expect. The girls led him into the bedroom and there on a shelf was the largest collection of dildos he’d ever seen.

“Wow,” was all he could say.

“We buy them by mail order,” said Astrid, reaching for one from the shelf. “This is our favorite it’s from China – it’s got this little tickler – see!.”

“It drives me crazy,” Beatrix giggled, “But I still like it.”

Astrid put the dildo back on the shelf and looked quite serious, “We could give you some gas – but could you wait until morning – we never get any company.”

“Apart from Mrs. Soleski,” Beatrix interjected.

“Yes but she don’t have a big d!ck does she,” said Astrid and they both started giggling and until they had to take deep breaths to control themselves.

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