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The Fantastic Foursome – Season 1 Episode 4 [Completed]

Episode 4

Their boss starred at me lustfully when my unclad body in its full glory came into view.

“You’re really enjoying man” came his voice to Felix.

He asked me to kneel down which I did immediately, after which he unzipped his trouser and his imprisoned beast came into view.

I almost passed out at the sight of his dick. It was a dark, very thick, long and meaty cock, about nine inches long, with the veins threatening the dark skin to burst out any moment. It was just like when Felix’s own get doubled. He brought out the scary thing, directed it to my face and wanted to insert it inside my mouth but I immediately repulsed. He looked down at me and gave me that “do it now!!” look. Like… how will I just take in your black beast inside my mouth just like that, O wrong naw. Moreso, something I’ve not done before.

He brought it to my face again but this time with full force, the type of force that does not need my permission to gain entrance into my mouth. He inserted the beast down deep into my throat that I started to cough heavily; I struggled so hard to catch my breath. The thing was just too big.

He started mouth-fucking me, first with a slow pace, and when he saw my throats had started to adjust themselves to the size of his dick, he increased the pace.

He was mouth-fucking me without mercy and I was starting to enjoy it cause the taste of his dick was nice. He was still busy fucking the hell outta my throat when I suddenly felt a dick plunged deep from behind into my pussy and I gasped. I managed to look back at whoever did it when I realized it was one of his boys. I could see a look of satisfaction on his face when his dick eventually got into my glory-land.

He was fucking with a medium pace from behind while their boss was fucking the hell outta my mouth. After over fifteen minutes of mouth-fucking me, he withdrawed his dick from my mouth and the third guy resumed. The third guy dick was nothing compared to the boss beast at all. He too started fucking my throat but with a very fast pace, and since a bigger one just finished fucking my throat, the smaller didn’t didn’t stress me at all.

I could hear the one fucking me from behind moaning like a possessed animal: he was about to cum.

“Ah , ah uh, Ooooh” came his moan as he splashed all his load on my buttocks before finally withdrawing his cock from my already wet pussy.

After he had withdrawed his cock from my pussy, the boss himself moved to my back. He held my tiny waist, positioned himself well before he plunged his massive dick deep into my pussy. I died and woke again when the beast got inside my pussy, I lost consciousness immediately; I would never believed my pussy could contain a dick with that type of size; a nine inches dick.

Just like he did when he was mouthfucking me, he was fucking me with a slow pace and when he felt my pussy had started to adjust itself to the size of his massive dick; which I could feel also, he started increasing the pace gradually, one which I later began to enjoy. He was fucking me like a pro he was, spanking my ass at the same time, and calling me all sort of slutty names, which kinda turned me on the more.

“Fuck me bi**ch”

“You a cummy slut gal, you know??” were the words coming out from his mouth.

“Oh yeaaah, fuck me harder baby” was the unplanned reply I gave to him right in front of my husband.

And for the first time in my life, I felt my orgasm building up. First, I didn’t understand the type of felling I was experiencing when his dick hit a spot but it was a very exquisite one: A jolt of electricity ran from my nether region straight to my brain and exploded all over my body; it felt like my body was on fire!

It wasn’t long when I started feeling my own orgasm built up, I felt like I was going to explode anytime soon

The feeling was like I was in paradise; in an other world. My legs started shaking vehemently that to stand on all fours was now becoming a difficult task for me.My gentle moans immediately graduated to loud screams which skook the pillars of the house. He knew what was going to happen and removed his dick from my pussy. I could feel a colorless fluid substance flew out of my count in a very large quantity in which some if it splashed on Felix’s face.

It was until after five minute before I recovered from the powerful orgasm I just had. The third guy later came after which the boss came to my front and splashed all his cum on my face and I was forced to eat out of the cum which I did with great pleasure.

“You are under arrest. Surrender your weapons now” were the words that was heard after they were done dressing up and were about to leave. Felix was untied immediately and the thieves were all walked out by the police.

After they were gone, Felix looked at me with that “are you now satisfied?? When it’s tomorrow, just pack your loads” look….. But wait ooo, is it my fault?? I was raped for goodness’sake!

“Oh yeaaaah, fuck me harder baby” Felix mimicked me.

Oh my….. When did I say that????






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