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The Fantastic Foursome – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

“You gat a really nice ass there sweetheart” commented their boss.

I just kept mute and didn’t respond, but deep inside of me, I wanted him to repeat what he just did, although, I knew it wasn’t somehow right.

The guy that lead my husband upstairs later lead him downstairs again, but this time with a portfolio in Felix’s hand. Their boss asked me to raise my head up, that they are done with their job.

“Guys, let’s move”

The boss said to his guys.

“Twale Alaye nla(I hail big boss), this babe wey dey here, shey we go just leave her like that ni? Oga mi, na idea oo, I just say make I share am with una ni oo” The third guy that hadn’t said a single word since their arrival said to their boss when they were about to get out of the house.

I looked at Felix’s reaction but when our eyes clocked, his eyes had become really red at the statement the third guy made, he was looking at me with that “you dare not” look.

Their boss came to my front, starred at the trembling me and brought his hand up to my face in such a way I was facing him directly. He then asked one of his boys to move closer. He whispered some words in his ear; not audible enough for me to hear before the guy went out.

He came back inside with a very thick long rope, together with a wooden chair: Sule’s chair. Their boss then asked Felix to sit on the chair and before he could say” jack” they started binding him with the rope to the chair, threatening to shoot him if he tries to make a single move. When they were done constraining him to the chair in such a way that he couldn’t make a single movement with any of his body parts and in a way he was facing me directly. They then all directed their attention towards me…..

Their boss was the first that came to me; right in front of Felix, he brought his face close to mine and gave me a short kiss. He starred at me for about a minute and before I knew it, he suddenly grabbed my left breast fiercely from outside the gown; that, which caught me unaware and started smooching it with his huge hand, at the same time, using his fingers to tease my nipple. I tried to control myself not to let out a moan but I was betrayed by my body, and…

“Ooh” I moaned.

He later brought his hand to my right breast also and started smooching and teasing it with the same pace as the right one.

I was enjoying every of the justice the hands of this stranger were doing to my bossoms, though, I knew inside of me that it wasn’t right, and again, in the presence of my legally married husband but omoooh, it’s been long since I had this type of treatment; very long;

When he was done with the smooching and teasing, leaving my nipples standing like an erected dick, he brought his face to mine and started kissing me again but this time, ruthlessly like his life depended on it. I was first reluctant to reciprocate to the kiss but when I saw he wasn’t stopping soon, and he might damage my lips if I refuse to, I co-operated.

I felt some movements on my butt and it didn’t took me so long before I knew it was the other two guys. They also started using their hands to smooch and spank my ass. Their boss who was still busy kissing the hell outta my lips brought his hand down to my pussy area and started playing with the lips; he was busy rubbing my pussy lips and at the same time teasing my clit from the outside of my transparent gown.

I couldn’t just hold back the pleasurable moans that were coming out of my mouth. I was enjoying the justice the boss’s hand was doing to my pussy when I suddenly felt the presence of a fully erected dick on the entrance of my ass hole; I gasped at the feeling of how big the dick was on my butt entrance.

Their boss disengaged himself from the kissing, looked into my eyes again and before I knew it he tore my gown with his bare hands from vertically downwards, and since the gown was made with a very thin and soft material, it didn’t take him long to tear it off completely…. And there I was, completely unclad in front of stranger; not only strangers, armed robbers at that. But somehow, I wasn’t feeling any guilt and I was really looking forward to what they are gonna do with my body.

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