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The Fantastic Foursome – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

“You must be joking Felix; am very sure you are joking. See ehn, whether you like it or not, that your lazy preek will work today, I promise you!”

I replied him angrily.

“See ehn Shade, tomorrow is Saturday, so, we have all the time in the world to ourselves tomorrow. Let me just rest.. am totally exhausted”

” Is like you don’t know I came prepared for you today abi?? See ehn Felix, I swear, you will make love to me this night oo, and not tomorrow, whether you like it or not”

Myself and Felix started arguing about having sex and not, and the argument was beginning to get hotter.

After so many minutes into the argument, I gave up! I tried all my possible best that night to make Felix make love to me but he kept giving me excuses, and with the pain and heartbreak that he eventually did not make love to me, together with the hot desire left inside of me unsatisfied, I left the room with anger.

I left the room for the sitting room and didn’t know when tears started dropping from my eyes.

“What type of husband is this God? How are we gonna have a single child, talkless of children if my husband refuses to make love to me?? And his family keep putting all the blames on me not knowing it’s their son that refuses to have sex with his legally married wife for goodness’ sake.. God why?? Why?? I really need a feel of a man’s dick, I need it!”

It hadn’t been up to thirty minutes that I got to the sitting room when I started hearing some weird sounds outside the house; not long after, Jack, our dog started barking ferociously.

The barking got intense so much that Felix himself had to get out of his room to join me in the sitting room. After a while, Jack stopped barking. My husband wanted to get outside so he could see for himself what was happening but I quickly stopped him.

“You are not moving out ooo Felix. Jack that suddenly stopped barking, do we know what happened to him?? Please, don’t go.

I said to him.

Not long after, we heard a knock on our door…. It was Sule, our gateman.

“Who is that?” asked, my trembling husband.

“Oga, na me oo Sule”

Sule replied.

“Sule, wetin happen”

“Ah Oga, e get something wey I wan show you ni oo, and the thing dey very important Oga mi”.

Sule replied.

“Can’t it wait till tomorrow, Sule, as you can see, time’s gone already”

“Ah Oga, e no fit wait till tomorrow oo, I swear Oga mi”

My husband went to the door to open it for Sule but the number of people we saw at the door almost gave me an heart attack….. Three heavily armed robbers, with already tied Sule at their front.

They walked inside majestically like they were the owner. They looked very scary with their body size. One who was more built, hefty and huge than the others, whom I guess would be their boss went to sit on one of the chairs in the sitting room.

“You still dey look us for face, e be like sey both of una wan die before your time abi??”

One of them with an already cracked voice shouted at us which made Felix and myself quickly get down on our knees and faced the ground.

The guy that just shouted at us came to our front, asked my husband to face up and asked him about one #5 million that he was to deliver the next day to one honourable like that which he brought home.

Felix first wanted to deny but a very hot and deafening slap followed that me myself felt the impact of the slap from where I was kneeling… My husband started crying like a baby and started to confess that he truly brought one #5 million naira home and that the money’s in his room upstairs. Their boss then asked the guy to follow Felix upstairs to bring the money.

In the doggy position that I was, with my extremely transparent gown still on me without a single underwear, I suddenly felt a heavy spank on my ass, but instead of me to feel pains as a result of the heavy spank, it was electric shock of pleasures that flooded through to my brain.

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